Blinders Burgers & Brunch Highlights New Vista Day, Sept. 27

Blinders Burgers & Brunch Highlights New Vista Day, Sept. 27
New Workforce Program with Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
What: New Vista Day! Blinders Burgers & Brunch, a new 100% plant-based vegan restaurant, is partnering with local non-profit, New Vista, in its workforce program. With an eye for corporate social responsibility for the environment and the community, Blinders created the job hiring, training and mentoring program with New Vista, who provide programs and services for young adults with intellectual disabilities.
When: Thursday, Sept. 27, 8am – 9pm
Where: 6410 N. Durango, NW Las Vegas

“New Vista is beyond thrilled to have partnered with Blinders, Burgers and Brunch and offer this employment opportunity to our members as part of our job training program. Shantell Connor, owner of Blinders, Burgers and Brunch, has been extremely proactive and supportive in her intentions to hire individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), says Vivian Wright, Director of Development. “We’ve worked with our members to prepare them for this opportunity, training alongside them, and they are doing an incredible job. Our members are so eager to learn and they are excelling in their work. More importantly, they are so excited to be working and earning well above minimum wage for their efforts.”

Wright continues to share, “The employment of disabled people is currently being paid close attention to on the national stage. Programs like these help to highlight the glaring disparities between work opportunities for people with and without disabilities, bringing attention to sobering statistics that 85% of adults with IDD do not have paid jobs in the community. Unfortunately, the reality for many individuals with IDD who do work is that they are often paid sub-minimum wages. Every person, disabled or not, deserves the right to genuine job opportunities, dignity in their work, and fair pay. New Vista is proud to partner with Blinders as part of the solution, showcasing the benefits of engaging this group of workers with the respect they deserve.”

Blinders Burgers & Brunch wner, Shantell Connor agrees and states, “They are my best employees. I love what they bring to BlindersThe partnership is perfect.”
Blinders uses non-GMO, all-natural and local ingredients and serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner daily, offering a wide variety of eats from breakfast burritos, smoothies, salads, fresh veggies, sandwiches and rosemary fries. And, of course, the signature burgers including the protein packed, Impossible Burger, the gluten-free/soy-free Beyond Burger, veggie superfood patty, and even the non-burger, butcher pulled pork smothered in BBQ sauce. The menu features something for everyone, including a kid’s menu, with both chicken nuggets, mini corn-dogs, as well as delicious desserts such as brownies, ice cream sandwiches and shakes.
The trendy restaurant features notable partners in the community such as local plant-based meat and cheese makers, No Butcher, Nourish Creamery and Juice Bar and Virgin Cheese. Additionally, they align with, Herbivorous Butcher, (i.e. the maple bacon is featured in Blinders Shakin’ Bae-con), Brewing Good Coffee Company and Jones Soda.
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Blinders Burgers & Brunch Highlights New Vista Day, Sept. 27
Blinders Burgers & Brunch Highlights New Vista Day, Sept. 27