Globally renowned art-technology phenomenon ARTE MUSEUM opening exhibition on Las Vegas Strip

Global Art and Technology Phenomenon ARTE MUSEUM Opening Immersive Art Exhibition Space that will Provide a Tranquil Oasis on the Las Vegas Strip

Exhibition to Feature 30,000 Square-Feet of Breathtaking
Immersive Environments that Engage All Five Senses

ARTE MUSEUM, the internationally lauded immersive digital art venue produced by world-class Korean digital design company d’strict, will open its first exhibit in North America on the Las Vegas Strip at a $25 million, two-story, 30,000 square-foot space in 63 (3716 S. Las Vegas Blvd. – at the corner of Harmon Ave. & Las Vegas Blvd.). Tickets, starting at $28, will go on sale at a future date at for showings starting in November.


ARTE MUSEUM LAS VEGAS is a uniquely immersive exhibition that reinterprets various aspects of nature and art as new media artworks. Each region of the exhibition delves audiences into works of stunning beauty and powerful elements of nature. Blending the lines between reality, fantasy and hyper-reality by using digital technology, viewers will find themselves at the base of towering waterfalls and strolling beaches as they admire the aurora borealis. As their journey through the galleries progresses, audiences will be surrounded by blooming camellia flowers, undulating waves, and exploring verdant forest landscapes, tranquil starfields stretching infinitely, and more.


One of ARTE MUSEUM LAS VEGAS’ most impressive features is the large-scale GARDEN exhibit which includes a “Light of Las Vegas” zone, a new installation custom-designed for the Las Vegas venue that captures the enthralling landmarks and dazzling atmosphere of the nightlife capital of the world and the natural beauty of Nevada’s awe-inspiring canyons. Also featured in the massive GARDEN exhibit is the “Light of Masterpieces” zone, which immerses audiences in the tranquil masterpieces of historically renowned western artists like Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt and more.


“Our aim is to allow the audience to experience the various senses that can be felt in nature rather than simply viewing colorful video works,” said Sean Lee, CEO of d’strict. “We approach this by utilizing various media technologies, such as projection mapping, multi-image control, and sensor-based interaction, to make the entire space into one cohesive piece of art. The result is an oasis of tranquility amid the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip, which serves as the perfect home for ARTE MUSEUM’s first exhibition in the Western Hemisphere.”


“This all-encompassing experience takes audiences from the streets of Las Vegas to breathtaking pastoral landscapes, to the far reaches of the wilderness and back again,” said Art Goldberg, Business Development Officer, Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. “We’re ecstatic to welcome ARTE MUSEUM to Las Vegas, and the unique variety it is offering audiences, and are confident that it will become one of the must-see new attractions for visitors and local residents alike.”


ARTE MUSEUM first launched in 2020 and has since expanded to major cities across the globe. It has won a number of global awards including the iF Design Award. To date, d’strict has opened five museums in Asia, and the Las Vegas location is the first in the Western Hemisphere. More than 6 million visitors have stepped into ARTE MUSEUM venues to experience the awe-inspiring installations and the company’s goal is to open approximately 20 museums worldwide by the end of 2026. ARTE MUSEUM has received resounding critical acclaim, having been called “a feast for the senses” by Wallpaper with Time Out naming ARTE MUSEUM one of the top attractions in Hong Kong.

Setting ARTE MUSEUM apart from other immersive exhibitions are additional sensory outputs that provide more than just visual immersion. For tactile simulation, audiences can interact with the “LIVE SKETCHBOOK” exhibit that allows individuals to draw their own animal on paper and scan it, bringing it to life on the walls amid the sights and sounds of a peaceful jungle. Each region is also aided with sounds borrowed from nature, such as blowing wind, waterfalls and crashing waves. The TEA BAR within the gallery space provides sweet, tea-based mocktails infused with the breath of each region, allowing audiences to taste the delightful flavor garnished by lively and harmonious melodies and visuals. In addition, each region has its own unique fragrance. By using scents that match the vision of each space, carefully produced by a dedicated perfumer trained by a historic French school of fragrance, all five senses are engaged to enhance immersion and provide a one-of-a-kind viewing experience. This multifaceted and holistic viewing experience is the most defining characteristic of ARTE MUSEUM.


ARTE MUSEUM LAS VEGAS’ soundscape was created by Music Director Young-gyu Jang, a globally renowned composer with a stellar reputation for his award-winning work on the scores of more than 50 films and television shows including the critically acclaimed “Train to Busan” (2016) and “The Wailing” (2016). Jang is also the bassist and producer for the Korean Music Award-winning band Leenalchi. ARTE MUSEUM’s soundscape ranges from meticulously detailed and lifelike nature sounds to the evocative background music for the GARDEN exhibit. Jang’s compositions are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly enhance the impact of each artwork.

Overseeing the accompanying scents of ARTE MUSEUM LAS VEGAS is Marianne Nawrocki Sabatier, a distinguished senior professor at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, the preeminent perfumery school situated in Grasse, France. Marianne meticulously crafted the most appropriate fragrance for each work, aspiring to offer a more comprehensive sensory experience that transcends the visual and auditory allure of the exhibition.


Tickets to ARTE MUSEUM LAS VEGAS, starting at $28, will go on sale at a future date at Valet parking will be available on Harmon Avenue and S. CityCenter Road directly between Cosmopolitan and CityCenter.

About d’strict
d’strict is a world-class Korean digital design company founded in 2004 that has dazzled global audiences with a variety of public media art such as “WAVE” in K-POP Square in Seoul in 2020 and “Whale #2” and “Waterfall-NYC” in Times Square in New York in 2021. d’strict has been recognized globally for its design capabilities, having won gold awards at the iF Design Awards for two consecutive years. In-house professionals of d’strict specializing in planning, visual/space/system design, software development and operations have contributed to a legacy of excellence in design, specializing in the field of media art exhibitions. Utilizing accumulated competencies in media art content production, permanent exhibition hall establishment and operations over the past decade, d’strict opened the first ARTE MUSEUM exhibition on Jeju Island in South Korea in 2020, and are now expanding the exhibition globally. d’strict continues to explore new businesses in design, such as media art content licensing platform LED.ART and artist collective a’strict.


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Article Name
Globally renowned art-technology phenomenon ARTE MUSEUM opening exhibition on Las Vegas Strip
Globally renowned art-technology phenomenon ARTE MUSEUM opening exhibition on Las Vegas Strip