Hidden Cinema Rooftop Garden Shows Classic Holiday Movies, Offers Themed Photo Booth


Image of Hidden Cinema Rooftop Garden in Las Vegas.  
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] Hidden Cinema Rooftop Garden in downtown Las Vegas invites hosts a season full of holiday cheer featuring classic Christmas movies for all ages, a holiday-themed photo booth for fun family photos, festive décor and a hot chocolate, beer, wine and snack bar.

Situated atop an inconspicuous building transformed by twinkling lights, a 30-foot-wide movie screen and seating for 150, this popular pop-up film-watching experience invites the community to enjoy the holiday season and curl up in front of their favorite movie under the stars.

Hidden Cinema’s holiday schedule includes:
Friday, Dec. 3 (7 p.m.)                                                        “Die Hard”
Saturday, Dec. 3 (7 p.m.)                                                    “Love Actually”
Friday, Dec. 10 (7 p.m.)                                                      “The Grinch”
Friday, Dec. 10 (9:45 p.m.)                                                “Anchorman”
Saturday, Dec. 11 (7 p.m.)                                                  “Home Alone”
Saturday, Dec. 11 (9:45 p.m.)                                             “Home Alone 2”
Thursday, Dec. 16 (7 p.m.)                                                 “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
Friday, Dec. 17 (7 p.m. sold out and 9:45 p.m.)              “Elf”
Saturday, Dec. 18 (7 p.m.)                                                  “It’s A Wonderful Life”
Sunday, Dec. 19 (6 p.m.)                                                    “The Grinch”

Tickets are selling fast but are still available for select showings, so interested moviegoers should reserve theirs now.

In addition to showcasing some of America’s favorite films, Hidden Cinema is also passionate about giving back to the community. With the mission to help transform communities and invest in areas affected by the eviction moratorium and combat homelessness, Hidden Cinemas aims to make an impact through economic growth and visibility and inspire surrounding businesses to prosper as well. Hidden Cinema will support downtown by donating a portion of proceeds to helping the local homeless.

Doors open at an hour before showtime. Movie-goers can select from three seating types:

  • Individual Ticket with Picnic Blanket – $17.50
  • Individual Ticket with Lounge Floor Chair – $28.00
  • Couples Ticket with a Loveseat Bean Bag – $58.50

Onsite parking is available for $12 plus processing fees. For tickets and more information, click here. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Beer, wine and snack service is not included in the ticket price. Prices listed above do not include processing fees. Information on groups and buyouts are also available here.

Hidden Cinema is located at 321 S. Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

Facebook: @ItsHiddenCinema
Instagram: @ItsHiddenCinema


Article Name
Hidden Cinema Rooftop Garden Shows Classic Holiday Movies, Offers Themed Photo Booth
Hidden Cinema Rooftop Garden Shows Classic Holiday Movies, Offers Themed Photo Booth