Lexi Ulmer: A Bright New Songwriter Sends Contemporary Country Soaring

Lexi Ulmer: A Bright New Songwriter Sends Contemporary Country Soaring

It makes sense; an artsy small town named after a colorful, energetic bird hatches a bright singer/songwriter. Just 18, Lexi Ulmer’s career took off three years ago when she was cast as the lead in an independent film, Blake’s Ballad. This dramatic short quickly attracted attention and debuted at the prestigious Lake Arrowhead Film Festival.

As appealing as an acting career might be, Ulmer’s true passion is music. She composed two original songs for the film and was subsequently invited to perform her original work at the 2010 Ventura Film Festival. She finds songwriting a useful outlet. “I write songs about my life, love in particular,” she says. “I’ve never been in love, but I’ve always been fascinated with it.” While she started writing songs seven years ago, her work took on an added depth in high school.

“I had a crush on the football star,” she admits with a wry smile. “I wasn’t entirely sure what to do about it, so I started coming home and writing songs about trivial things…like his girlfriend. It then progressed into something that I constantly had to be doing. I could barely hold conversations without having a million ideas bouncing around in my head.” Ulmer is often compared to Taylor Swift. Like Swift, Ulmer grew up daydreaming about a future in the music industry and writing poignant songs about personal experiences.

A child of her times, Ulmer recognizes the power of the internet. She has long been posting performance videos of original songs as well as cover music online. In August 2012, Kerry Kessel of KALM Talent Group stumbled upon the young artist during an online talent search. Fans of contemporary country can expect to hear a lot more of this California songbird in the months ahead.

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