Nevada Mining Association Announces 2023 Individual Safety Award Recipients


Nevada Mining Association announces


47 recipients provide an industry-wide dedication to safety in the mining industry.

The Nevada Mining Association (NVMA) announces the recipients of its 2023 Individual Safety Awards, which celebrate the industry professionals whose outstanding efforts ensure mine workers return home safely after every shift.


“Safety is always of utmost importance in Nevada’s mining industry, and I am so proud to congratulate this year’s award recipients,” said NVMA Interim President, Dana Bennett. “It’s an honor to celebrate these incredible individuals who continue to lead by example and go above and beyond to show extraordinary commitment to the mining industry’s safety culture.”


The NVMA Individual Safety Awards are based on performance during the previous calendar year. A total of 133 nominations were submitted and voted on by industry peers. The 47 winning miners will be recognized during a Celebration of Excellence dinner on Friday, Sept. 8 at the NVMA’s 110th Annual Convention in Lake Tahoe.


In July, the NVMA will also announce recipients of the Mine Operator Safety Awards, highlighting the mining companies that have demonstrated unparalleled dedication to providing safe workplaces for their employees. Those recipients are based on data provided by the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).


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2023 NvMA Safety Awards recipients

General Manager:

Joseph Kemp, KG Mining, Inc.


Mine Manager:

Richard Zaggle, SSR Mining

Sam Marich, Nevada Gold Mines


Safety Professional:

Sarah Drew, Nevada Gold Mines

Shandy Holm, Sandvik

Stephanie Jaramillo, Coeur Mining Inc.

General Supervisor:

Jason Haynes, Nevada Gold Mines

Jeffrey Young, Nevada Gold Mines

Zack Erickson, Coeur Mining Inc.

Safety Champions:

Barton Nutting, Nevada Gold Mines

Chris Schimpf, SSR Mining

Clancy Talbot, i-80 Gold Corp

Craig McAuliffe, Coeur Mining Inc

Gavin Gange, Small Mine Development

Jana Moyes, Nevada Gold Mines

Jeff Linder, Nevada Gold Mines

John Watson, i-80 Gold Corp

Jose Gonzales, Nevada Gold Mines

Levander Benally, Nevada Gold Mines

Mike Little, US Silica

Paul VanDerVeen, Nevada Gold Mines

Sally Ann Branch, Hecla Nevada

Sergio Castaneda, Nevada Gold Mines

Steven J. Ward, Nevada Gold Mines


Safety Manager:

Deanna Hall, KG Mining Inc.

Stephen Chambliss, Argonaut Gold



Benjamin Lupercio, Nevada Gold Mines

Richard Miller, Coeur Mining Inc.

Steve Constant, KG Mining Inc.

Steve Howard, KG Mining Inc.

Supervisor (15 or more employees):

Darrell Archuleta, i-80 Gold Corp

Tim Crouch, Nevada Gold Mines

Zane Jordan, Sr., KGHM


Supervisor (14 or fewer employees):

Chris Ewing, Sandvik

Connor Adams, i-80 Gold Corp

Don Gerhard, SSR Mining

Logan “Bru” Painter, McEwen Mining

Stacy Moser, Hecla Nevada

Tony Booth, Coeur Mining Inc.


Dennis Gordon, i-80 Gold Corp

John Pitts, KGHM

Rosie Zavala, Coeur Mining Inc.

Emergency Response

Eugene Manning, Nevada Gold Mines

Jayme Gabiola, Hecla Nevada

Jennifer Keele, Argonaut Gold

Michael Andersen, SSR Mining

Victor Harrell, i-80 Gold Corp



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Nevada Mining Association Announces 2023 Individual Safety Award Recipients
Nevada Mining Association Announces 2023 Individual Safety Award Recipients