Poet and Storyteller Jeremy Ritch Releasing “Sidewalk Stories” on August 5th via Autumn + Colour – Now Available For Pre-order



Autumn + Colour has launched pre-orders for Jeremy Ritch’s book of poetry, “Sidewalk Stories”, out August 5th.

Jeremy Ritch is a writer, a poet and a storyteller. He has been writing poetry since the age of 15 and has been published in various magazines, journals and online publications over the past 15 years. His life has taken him to many places in which he wore many different hats, from being in music to ministry, it has taken many turns as well as ups and downs. There was never a time Jeremy fit into a mold or tried to do the “normal” thing. He has battled addictions his whole life as well as depression, which he honestly writes about. Like an onion skin, his poems cover a variety of layers that lie beneath. Jeremy writes about his pain, his experiences and his observations of the world around him. He is very committed to issues of social justice and being a voice of encouragement to those in search of one. His passion is writing and to connect with his audience in a very real way.


“Sidewalk Stories is a book of poems I wrote over a 15 year period while living in the cities of Cleveland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Harrisburg PA. These stories are based on my relationships, adventures and thoughts about living in these great American cities. They are raw and uninhibited, which to me that is what living is about, it’s not always pretty but it is always real. To me the poems are a look into my experiences of urban living over the years. It also paints a picture of my personal views about poverty, social justice, and community within the concrete jungles of our country. This book means a great deal to me because the poems are very personal in that I lived out each one as either a participant or a close observer. I also hope they connect with those who have a passion for the issues I address as well as the vibe of city life that is portrayed throughout the book.” ~Jeremy Ritch

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