Pureology Introduces The First Ever Green Seal Certified Beauty Product – Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil

Pureology Introduces The First Ever Green Seal™ -Certified Beauty Product
Precious Oil™, The 100% Biodegradable,
Silicone and Paraben-Free Versatile Caring Oil

Turn tired strands into silk with Pureology Precious Oil™ Versatile Caring Oil. This month, Pureology announces the first Green Seal™- certified 100% Biodegradable, silicone and paraben-free, versatile caring oil. Precious Oil evenly recharges every strand of all types of colour-treated hair and features Sunflower Seed Oil for softness, Coconut Oil for elasticity, Olive Oil for shine and Jojoba Seed Oil for Moisture. The versatile caring oil also features the exclusive oil-based OleoAntiFadeComplex® that evenly recharges the hair fiber, fortifies the cuticle, restores the lipid barrier and magnifies shine of lifeless colour-treated hair.

“Pureology’s new Precious Oil fills the gap in the colour care market for a versatile hair oil that promises to maintain haircolour while providing exceptional softening, smoothing and shine benefits,” states Steven Henley, Senior Director of US Education for Pureology. “As we all know, water is the biggest enemy of hair colour. The natural state of hair is to be hydrophobic, which means it repels water. However as we colour our hair, our hair shaft weakens and becomes hydrophilic, thus attracting water and causing colour to leak from the hair. Precious Oil penetrates the hair to rebuild the lipid content, thus returning hair from it’s hydrophilic to hydrophobic state. It literally turns back the clock on hair damage!”

Precious Oil can be used in a multitude of ways to achieve a variety of results based on specific needs:
On Fine Colour-Treated Hair
· For Silky Conditioning: Before shampooing, apply 2 drops on dry hair. Do not rinse. Follow with the Pureology shampoo for your hair type, work into a lather and rinse.

On Medium to Coarse Colour-Treated Hair
· For Exceptional Softness: After Shampooing, apply 1 to 3 drops to towel-dried hair. Layer with any Pureology rinse-out masque. Leave on 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

· For Anti-Frizz Smoothness: After blow-drying, rub 1-2 drops in your hands and run lightly over dry hair. Reapply as needed.

· For Gentle Detangling: Apply 1 to 2 drops in palm and work through clean, damp hair. Beginning at the ends, use a wide-tooth comb and gently work out tangles.

· For Curl Revitalizing: Apply a small amount in palm and run through curls.

All Types of Colour Treated Hair
· For Radiant Shine: Blend or layer 2 drops with your favorite Pureology style and style as usual. Finish with any heat or styling tools.

· For Overnight Treatment: Apply evenly through hair before going to bed. In the morning leave in or rinse out.

On All Skin Types
· For Skin Softening: Apply on clean skin and massage in to moisturize.

“Pureology has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and therefore we are delighted that Precious Oil has become the first product to receive certification under our standard for Personal Care Products and Cosmetics, GS-50,” says Dr. Arthur Weissman, President and CEO of Green Seal. “This is the first standard in the industry that addresses the whole product life-cycle, including performance, and we are hopeful that Pureology’s leadership will inspire other brands to follow suit and seek certification.”

Green Seal, Inc., is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1989 to safeguard health and the environment and is recognized as the original “green seal of approval.”

As a brand with a sustainable vision, Pureology continually works to reduce its environmental impacts through efficient production and manufacturing processes and by incorporating more environmentally preferred materials.

Precious Oil meets the Green Seal Standard for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products, and has the following attributes:
· Minimal environmental impact
· Highest health and safety standards
· Outstanding quality and performance
· Free from silicone and parabens
· Biodegradable

To learn more about Pureology products, sustainability efforts, or to locate a salon, please visit

Pureology offers a complete collection of haircare and styling products that enhance and protect colour vibrancy while ensuring improved condition and healthy shine. From concentrated ZeroSulfate® Shampoos to our conditioners, masques and stylers, each and every product contains the exclusive AntiFadeComplex® to maximize colour retention from start to finish and deliver our promise of Longer Lasting Hair Colour GUARANTEED!® For more information visit and like Pureology on Facebook . Please note, Pureology products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon. We request that you do not credit drugstores, “beauty websites” or other unauthorized retailers.

Green Seal is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 with the mission of safeguarding human health and the environment. Green Seal is a science-based standard development and certification body that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute. Products only become Green Seal-certified after rigorous testing and evaluations, including on-site audits. For additional information or to contact Green Seal Inc., call (202) 872-6400 or visit .

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