Rock the Vote for Mindy Robinson for Congress


As the elections come we at Vegas24seven are interested in hearing from the conservative’s in Nevada. We sat down via email with Mindy Robinson.

Who are you running against?
My competition for the Republican primary are two guys named Dan, and my opponent for the general election would be an the incumbent Democrat Susie Lee that voted for impeachment…in a district that voted for Trump. Mindy is currently running for Congress in district 3 Nevada.

How long have you lived in Nevada?
I’ve been a resident for over 6 years. I moved here to escape the lunacy of the Left in California…only to find that it‘s slowly creeping over here into Nevada.

How long have you been in politics?
I majored in American History and Political Science, but I never really utilized that education until right before the 2016 election when I started commenting about politics online. I have a way of explaining things simply and with humor…which seems to attract a lot of people on both sides of the fence.

Can you tell us what you think about the Governor of Nevada?
I am not a fan of our current governor. The way he’s going about it now, Nevadans are looking at having an income tax where we never had one before. People go out of their way to invest and locate their businesses here specifically because it’s a tax haven…why would you ever want to ruin such a beneficial and productive set up?

Do you think our Nevada will turn Red?
I think gun-friendly, business friendly, freedom-loving Nevada is already a red state. Unfortunately, it’s just too easy to commit election fraud with the way things are currently set up now, and it’s showing.

What are you thoughts on voter fraud. What would you do to help change it?
Right now, I could sign up 100 people to a vacant address or P.O. Box and then use the ballots they mail to vote fraudulently and unchecked by authorities. I believe we need to clean up our polls, and we absolutely need to enact a mandatory state ID check to secure the integrity of all future elections. If we don’t get on top of this now, the citizens of Nevada may never have a voice again.

Giving what is happening now in Nevada with the virus. Do you think we will recover?
We’ve survived a Civil War, two World Wars, and the Great Depression…I believe we will recover from this as well. Soldiering on and overcoming obstacles is what Americans have always done best. I only hope our media acknowledges how we’re coming together over this, instead of using it to further divide us.

Mindy added:
In conclusion, I know I am not the typical political candidate usually seen running for Congress. My political experience mostly revolves around discussing issues on a national level over social media. But I’ve been able to use my platform before to highlight local issues and actually get something done about it. When our attorney general Aaron Ford wanted to pass a law that would allow intruders or their families to sue home owners for defending themselves in their home homes, I lead an online campaign to get it pulled…and it worked. Imagine if I highlighted all the corruption in the state on a national level how fast it would be addressed instead of being ignored like usual? Like many people, I’m tired of all the do-nothing politicians in office on both sides that have only their self interest in mind. I can be the vocal activist in Congress we need to defend our constitutional rights and freedoms that are currently being stripped away in southern Nevada…but I‘ll still need your vote in the primaries June 9th to get there!

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