ULTRA 55 Hour Race Raises over $97,000 for Childhood Cancer

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On a cold and windy morning of December 30, 2013, over 150 racers from across the US (Arizona, California, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas)  toed the line in the inaugural Snowdrop ULTRA 55 Hour Race & Relay.  These racers, through the help of donors and sponsors, raised over $97,000 for Snowdrop Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer and to providing scholarships for college-bound pediatric cancer patients and childhood cancer survivors.

A custom belt buckle awaited each of the 55 registered solo racers who could run at least 100 miles within the 55-hour time limit.  Of those 55, only 22 runners were able to reach the triple digit milestone.  The overall race winner, for most miles by a solo runner, was Brett Cole from Sugar Land, Texas who ran 136.8 miles. For his effort, Bret won a trip to Cancun, Mexico as the grand prize.

In the relay race, Team Wildebeests took the title as the 10 member team ran a total distance of 356.40 miles in 55 hours.

California ultra-runner Dee Cajiuat had this to say about the Snowdrop ULTRA 55 “When I arrived in Houston…you ALL were just names on a page, about to have the experience of a lifetime. Today, my heart is busting at the seams for having faces to match the names! Thank you all for making this So Cal gal feel the warmth and friendship of strangers pulling together for a cause. We run for those who can’t and pray for those we love. My heart is so full and I can’t wait to be back next year!”

Snowdrop Foundation President and Founder Kevin Kline “The following words are what a childhood cancer patients goes through when fighting; nausea, anxiety, vomiting, headache, body aches, dry heaving, tears, dehydration, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue and denial. This same list is what I also witnessed in some of the participants of the Snowdrop Ultra in trying to complete the grueling 55 hours in the cold and wind.”   Kline continued, “These runners purposely push their bodies so hard they were physically sick. Ultra running is not just about the running.  Ultra running puts athletes in situations that call on all sorts of life experiences and human emotions. I witnessed the love and support of total strangers. There is so much to learn in this sport. “

Some of Kevin Kline’s achievements include:

Ÿ Completed a 482 mile, 13-day solo run across Texas which raised over $200,000 and is featured in the award winning documentary, “Dear Chelsey.”

Ÿ Ran 24 hours continuously on a treadmill and then another 13.1 miles to Texas Children’s Cancer Center; for a total of 90.15 miles

Ÿ Ran 62 miles per day for 7 days then 15 miles into Texas Children’s Cancer Center

Ÿ Climbed 62,000 stadium stairs and then ran 18 miles to Texas Children’s Cancer Center


Kline has been recognized by Runner’s World Magazine, GQ Magazine and People Magazine. In 2012, he was awarded the Children’s Miracle Network Radio Supporter of the Year, inducted into the Energizer “Keep Going Hall of Fame” in 2011, was chosen the 2012 Man of the Year by Fort Bend Focus Magazine and was recently named a 2013 Ching’s Champion for community excellence created by Houston’s soccer great-philanthropist Brian Ching.

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About Snowdrop Foundation
The Snowdrop Foundation provides scholarships for college-bound pediatric cancer patients and childhood cancer survivors while raising awareness and funding for continued research to cure childhood cancer. For more information, visit


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