Available online, Friday May 15, at 12 p.m. PT / 3 p.m. ET on CirqueConnect


Cirque du Soleil invites families from all over the world to watch a one-of-a-kind CirqueConnect 60-minute on-ice special, this Friday. Appropriate for all ages, viewers can enjoy some of the best live show moments from CRYSTAL and AXEL, the first shows on ice produced by Cirque du Soleil. Perfect for the whole family, parents and children can discover world-class ice skaters and acrobats taking their frozen playground by storm with speed and fluidity as they challenge the laws of gravity with daring and outstanding performances.

Households can tune in together this Friday May 15th at 3p.m. ET, on the CirqueConnect content hub at, to discover a new exhilarating type of entertainment as Cirque du Soleil meets the ice.


The special will remain available on the CirqueConnect content hub for those who can’t watch on Friday. CirqueConnect provides at-home entertainment to fans and families alike and Cirque du Soleil encourages those around the world to #TuneIn together.


More about CRYSTAL

CRYSTAL is the 42nd creation of Cirque du Soleil and explores the artistic possibilities of ice for the first time. This unique production pushes boundaries of performance by combining stunning skating and acrobatic feats that defy the imagination. Watch as world-class ice skaters and acrobats take their new frozen playground with speed and fluidity as they challenge the laws of gravity with never-before-seen acrobatics. Follow Crystal, the lead character, on an exhilarating tale of self-discovery as she dives into a world of her own imagination. CRYSTAL invites you to suspend reality and glide into a world that springs to a colorful life with astounding visual projections and an original score that seamlessly blends popular music with the signature sound of Cirque du Soleil.


CRYSTAL features an international cast composed of figure, extreme and freestyle ice skaters, acrobats, musicians and a comic character. Eleven different nationalities are represented in the cast.


More about AXEL

AXEL is the 48th original production of Cirque du Soleil, and its second on-ice experience. Cirque du Soleil invites you to an odyssey on ice in which graphics, music, skating and acrobatics come together to create a colourful, emotionally rich universe.

Join Axel and his adrenaline-fueled crew on an exhilarating adventure as his passion for music and graphic arts takes you on an electrifying journey. In this epic fantasy, Axel will realize that love is the source of the light that will give him the courage and strength he needs to overcome any obstacle and make his wildest dreams come true.


AXEL is a truly inspiring experience for the whole family, reminding each of us how important it is to believe in our dreams. As well as stunning figure skating and circus arts on ice, AXEL is a show set to an upbeat musical score packed with original pop compositions and a handful of unique takes on famous hits, all performed live by Axel and his band. The creative team drew inspiration from the energy and excitement of arena concerts and sports events to create an electro-pop circus show on ice.


About Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group is a world leader in live entertainment. On top of producing world-renowned circus arts shows, the Canadian organization brings its creative approach to a large variety of entertainment forms such as multimedia productions, immersive experiences, theme parks and special events. Going beyond its various creations, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group aims to make a positive impact on people, communities and the planet with its most important tools: creativity and art. For more information about Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, please visit


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