Hope Means Nevada Partners With Cook Center For Human Connection for Suicide Prevention Month



“My Life Is Worth Living” Series Includes Short Films, Discussion


In recognition of Suicide Prevention Month in September, Hope Means Nevada (HMN), the community-based non-profit focused on eliminating youth suicide in the state, the Clark County School District (CCSD), and the Cook Center for Human Connection (CCHC) are hosting a virtual suicide prevention series titled, “My Life Is Worth Living.” Participants receiving the training include HMN’s Teen Committee, comprising students from high schools around Southern Nevada determined to spread the message of the importance of mental wellness among their peers. The public is also invited to attend.

Each of the four animated installments to be screened in the series presents the story of a character struggling with various common challenges facing teens today: trauma, depression, identity, social rejection, sexual abuse, cyberbullying and substance abuse. The series’ creators at CCHC worked with a scientist dedicated to the study of suicidal behavior to help them feature realistic scenarios showing what drives someone to consider suicide and what can be done to prevent it. Following each screening, extension lessons geared for students in grades 6-12 will feature discussion questions, group activities, writing prompts and family engagement.

“We are beyond grateful to the Cook Center for Human Connection to be able to present this series containing the most crucial message anyone could possibly hear—that life is worth living,” said Ciera Bellavance, executive director, Hope Means Nevada. “We encourage everyone in the community to join us and learn how they can safeguard their own mental wellness and support their peers, children or anyone else who may be struggling.”

“Hope Means Nevada is providing wonderful resources and support for Nevada teens. We are grateful for the opportunity to join them in this life-saving effort,” said Anne Brown, chief executive officer, Cook Center for Human Connection.

CCHC is also the organization behind, the resource offering free mental health guidance to parents and guardians in the Clark County School District (CCSD). includes on-demand video courses covering difficult parenting topics and offers individualized coaching and weekly interactive webinars. Topics range from dealing with a child’s anxiety, emotional regulation, experiences with bullying as well as protecting children on social media and what parents and guardians need to know about suicide prevention.

Register for the webinar at the link below.

The remaining event schedule follows. All installments take place at 6 p.m.

Wednesday, Sept. 20: Emily’s Story – A teen girl struggles with the false choice between her own wellbeing and her mother’s happiness.

Thursday, Sept. 21: Parent/Child Night – Recap of “My Life Is Worth Living” series. HMN encourages community partners to join for a discussion on teen mental health resources.

Thursday, Sept. 21: Parents/Teens – “Providing Hope” – What parents need to know about suicide prevention.

Tuesday, Sept. 26: Dante’s Story – A high school sports star decides to face disappointment from an overbearing father in order to be honest with himself.

Hope Means Nevada’s (HMN) mission is to eliminate teen suicide and empower Nevada’s youth to live hopeful lives. As one of the most trusted and visible mental health resources in the state, HMN inspires a culture of empathy and advocacy around mental health. While raising awareness around Nevada’s high rates of mental health challenges, the organization strives to amplify hope and connect youth with desperately needed resources. Through collaborative, compassionate, inclusive and impactful efforts, the community-based initiative envisions a suicide-free Nevada. For more information about Hope Means Nevada, go to and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The new National Suicide Prevention Hotline number is now a three-digit dialing code 988. Those experiencing a mental health emergency can also text “Home” to 741741 to reach the National Crisis Text Line.

The mission of the Cook Center for Human Connection, a Utah-based 501(c)3, is to bring together the best organizations, programs, and products to prevent suicide, provide mental health support, and enhance the human connections vital for people to thrive. The foundation’s current focus is on supporting children, families, and schools with youth mental health resources and on the goal of eradicating suicide. This work is accomplished through various grants to schools, programs for parents, and global resources to bring greater awareness to the support needed for those affected by mental health needs and suicide. Their free resources created to support child mental health and prevent suicide include My Life Is Worth Living™, the first animated series about teen mental health and suicide prevention, and, a mental health resource giving parents the tools to have important conversations at home at no cost. Their content includes free on-demand courses taught by licensed therapists and family mental health nights hosted by trained professionals. Learn more at

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Hope Means Nevada Partners With Cook Center For Human Connection for Suicide Prevention Month
Hope Means Nevada Partners With Cook Center For Human Connection for Suicide Prevention Month