Introducing Las Vegas: The Game, nightlife experiences designed to prank your friends

las vegas the game

Want a crazy night in Las Vegas that will live in infamy?

Plan an unbelievable experience that guarantees an unforgettable story

Two self-professing wise guys introduce Las Vegas: The Game, a production company
specializing in multiple nightlife experiences designed to prank your friends

When people come to Vegas they have expectations – dine well, look swank, win big – and have a wildly extravagant night they’ll never forget. Dramatically changing the way Vegas vacations are done, Las Vegas: The Game offers customized nightlife experiences that promise to fulfill visitors’ wildest dreams of living out Sin City’s famous tagline.

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What the hell just happened?
An innovative twist on nightlife, Las Vegas: The Game provides multiple interactive experiences designed to prank your friends. Blurring the line between fiction and reality, The Game engineers an ordinary night on the town that spirals into an outrageous adventure leaving guests shocked and wondering, “What the hell just happened?” Perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthdays, corporate groups or any occasion, The Game is led by a team of professional pranksters who work with clients to target an entire group or an unsuspecting individual, and script an outlandish evening that takes its cues straight from Hollywood screenwriters.

Las Vegas: The Game offers several entertainment options including: an interactive Vegas show that takes place throughout a luxury party bus tour, one-off slapstick gags and elaborate customized experiences. Each service can fit seamlessly within the client’s existing itinerary – such as reservations at a nightclub, a restaurant of choice, or a VIP pool party.

The Games
Paying homage to the reputation of Las Vegas, Night Out is a scripted nightlife tour for up to 30 guests that incorporates some of the city’s most storied venues and iconic characters. The evening begins under the guise of a standard club crawl hosted by a fictitious tour company, but what guests don’t know is that a world of entertainment has been created to mess with them. Introducing guests to the shady, strange and outrageous world of Vegas, Night Out includes a cast of characters, luxury transportation, complimentary drinks and VIP club access.

Prank a-la-carte is a one-off gag that can fit into any group’s itinerary. Let’s say your brother gets arrested by a bounty hunter, or your best friend marries a girl he just met – and you were the menace behind it all. A selection of gags include: Mistaken Identity, Hit & Run, Dinner Disaster, Secret Admirer, Your Very Own Hangover, and more. Pranks can be executed quick and dirty, or strung together to play throughout the entire evening or trip.

BeSpoke is the ultimate, fully customizable nightlife experience offered by Las Vegas: The Game. Catering to guests’ wildest imagination, this immersive, interactive production is built around the personalities and background of each party. The Game gathers distinct details from the targets’ lives and designs an experience that fits seamlessly within the context of their visual and sensual world. With the use of professional actors, The Game carefully scripts a concoction of fiction shaken with reality for an unforgettable prank and reveal.

Give us a time, a location and a target…and we give you an unforgettable story.
Pioneers in this brand of Vegas entertainment, Chad Hardy and Justin Oswald of Hardy Oswald Entertainment are the creators and producers of Las Vegas: The Game. True entertainers with different backgrounds, interests and ideals, Hardy and Oswald strike a perfect balance between the main stream and the fringe, as well as pop and counter culture. With extensive entrepreneurial experience in corporate team building, special events, entertainment production, organizational development, gallery ownership and more, Hardy and Oswald turned their passion for having fun and playing pranks into a new business venture.

Inspired in part by contemporary and classic film, Hardy and Oswald began by creating elaborate custom pranks for clients with limitless possibilities. Since then the duo has expanded services to accommodate any budget, making it possible for every client to return home with an unforgettable story. “We believe that the frenetic energy, controlled chaos and extreme nature of Las Vegas make it a one-of-a-kind global destination,” says Hardy and Oswald. “Because of this, we’ve designed an innovative way to encounter Vegas that brings the extreme to you within a believable, tightly-crafted interactive experience. Give us a time, location and a target…and we give you an unforgettable story.”

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