MUNITIO Headphones – Revolutionizing The Industry


In The Year Of The Multi Billion Headphone Industry

Munitio Takes A Stand

New Product Debut During Munitio Reset Event on January 13th, 2015


MUNITIO known for their distinctive aesthetic design and enveloping submersive sound is setting the standard for what we know as a true premium headphone. Munitio, a high performance headphone company with a meticulous standard of quality, has been reacquired by Daniel Massaro, the creative force who conceived the brand. From the first limited-run release of 18k-gold plated, 9mm bullet shaped headphones (NINES) in June 2010, Massaro’s vision for MUNITIO has centered on engineering audio products with uncompromising attention to detail. With a lifetime of passion for music production and an expertise in manufacturing techniques typically reserved for military and aerospace technologies, MUNITIO is known for building headphones that are as aesthetically impressive as they are auditorily ferocious.

“There’s a movement and quality matters. People are waking up…and that’s why brands like Munitio need to exist in the world.” Says Massaro, who is revolutionizing the headphone industry.

You can also pre order your own pair of Pro30s online beginning on January 9th, 2015 at


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