A Brick and Mortar location in Denver, CO to follow

On January 20th the new beauty concept store, TMK Beauty, will revolutionize the way women approach their beauty regimens by offering them a convenient way to shop and also make smart and healthful choices about the products they put in their bodies. By housing in one place a generous assortment of chemical and toxin free products, hand-selected from a variety of global sources, making smart beauty and skincare choices has never been easier.

TMK Beauty was founded by Kathryn Murray, a twenty-year veteran of the synergized worlds of cosmetics, public relations, marketing and mobile technology. By capitalizing on these career experiences, a passion for personal wellness and a mission to empower women to take control of their health, Murray was inspired to turn her dream into a reality.

Many retailers offer just a smattering of organic beauty options but they are often hidden among the more visible, yet potentially harmful products, making finding and identifying them a difficult and time-consuming task. Each product TMK Beauty will offer is certified free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals and endocrine disrupters. The product line-up was culled with the goal of working as effectively, and likely even more so, than the well-known mass-produced versions sold by luxury retailers and major department stores throughout the country. Selecting TMK Beauty as the one stop destination for all of your beauty needs is not a compromise but an upgrade.

The site will include such products as:
• Pure and True Skincare – a luxurious line made in Hawaii and which the honor of being exclusive beauty brand of the Four Seasons Spa in all Hawaiian locations
• Lily Lolo Cosmetics – an award winning brand from Europe made with only pure ingredients and delivering quality for the most discerning customer
• Lauren Brooks Foundation – a foundation which creates the same flawless complexion of any top selling mainstream product in the category
• Suki Cleansing Lotion – a luxe freshly scented cleansing lotion not only for the shower but which can double as an effective and gentle way to remove make-up.


About TMK Beauty: TMK Beauty is a privately owned luxury beauty retailer which features only chemical free products. Based in Denver, CO, the company, based on the belief that “The More Knowledge” you have regarding the ingredients you put in and on your body, the better off you are. Powered by that sentiment, TMK Beauty was born of a commitment to teaching consumers that simple choices result in major impacts on health and well being. All of the goods sold by TMK Beauty are paraben, sulfate, petrochemical, phthalate, endocrine disruptor and toxin free, Making it the one-stop distinction for educated beauty consumers.

About founder Kathryn Murray: Ms. Murray has 20 years of experience in the Cosmetics, public relations, and marketing and mobile industries, where she gained expertise at Vincent Longo Cosmetics and The Patton Group, a boutique public relations, marketing and branding agency. Ms. Murray also used her vast knowledge of the beauty space to consult for a variety of clients. She held an executive level post with a mobile carrier, where she oversaw corporate sales development and created and executed marketing strategies for the $2.5 billion brand. Ms. Murray holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Columbia University.

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