Silk Virgin’s Sex Appeal Goes More Than Skin Deep!



Fashionistas can thank Virginia and Tanya of Bulgaria now in Las Vegas for Making Silk Virgin for Skin an Anti-aging Sensation!


Tanya, a fashionable native of Bulgaria, admired the costly fashionista style of Virginia-Atelier, her extraordinary dress designs, and her beauty expertise. After moving to Las Vegas, drawn to its glamor and celebrity lifestyle, Tanya determined to pursue her creative dream: why not marry the elegance of fashion fabric with the dermatologist’s prescription for yout hand beauty: exfoliation?

Tanya’s dream became a reality, she launched her USA venture Silk Virgin USA, a marriage of the exquisite yet virile properties of Raw Silk into user-friendly hand held applicators that were attractive and incredibly effective skin exfoliators.

Exfoliation is the trigger word in the arsenal used by famous dermatologists as a surgical-free method of helping celebrity beauties maintain the flawless, blemish-free skin that parades before the film cameras and the public to keep our beauty idols alive.

Tanya’s mission targeted the average man and woman. Her vision was to launch Silk Virgin – USA, a Unisex-appeal company that would allow every ordinary woman and man to use exfoliation in its newly discovered Silk therapy as a daily addition to face and body care.

And with the numerous types of Silk Virgin-USA products available through Tanya and the website, the word can now be broadcast: You too can cultivate skin and body health and vibrancy, diminish superficial aging and greet your morning mirror with a grateful smile.

Tanya’s dedication to understand the essential needs of our bodies’ skin takes the mystery out of the big word “exfoliation”. It will begin your journey to beautiful and younger looking skin.

All skin ages, and like a car pileup on the freeway, the dead skin stalls inside the pores. A major pileup on the skin surface clogs the pores. That youthful sloughing off of dead skin which is natural exfoliation slows down. The result is dull and lifeless skin. But we can change that aging trap by actually rebuffing it verbally and physically by using the best exfoliators that have been specifically developed and designed to rejuvenate the way our skin looks, feels, and functions.

With Silk Virgin dead skin cells can be removed completely. Skin pores are unclogged. Breathing better is as essential for the skin as it is for our life and lungs to maintain good health and vibrant living. The facial exfoliation technic prevents the formation of whiteheads, blackheads, ugly acne breakouts, stimulate blood flow and allow the skin to retain moisture. Skin texture improves. The youthful firm skin reappears, and the pleasant exfoliator products of Raw Silk – Silk Virgin takes a well deserved bow.

Tanya reminds us. “The Ancient Beauty Secrets, Cocoon Raw Silk, is the key to a beautiful and younger looking skin.” For women and men of all ages there is renewed hope for discovering a Fountain of Youth reflected in better health ongoing and a mirror image worth seeing.

SILK VIRGIN is a 100% Cocoon Raw Silk Exfoliator and Massager designed for skin exfoliation and rejuvenation.

Silk Virgin is the most Powerful Exfoliator and Skin-firming Tool available on the Market.

How Silk Virgin dominates all other Exfoliators?

Highest Quality Cocoon Raw Silk, the cocoon raw silk fiber is obtained using steam only – no dyes, no treatments, the most natural product with totally natural production technology
Special Exfoliating Surface resembling the skin surface for making a perfect contact with the skin an delivering the most complete exfoliation and rejuvenation
Anti-aging Power, 100% Protein Content with unbeatable Skin-firming Effect
Anti-bacterial, it doesn’t grow bacteria or promoting bacterial growth as the other Exfoliators do, Silk Virgin protects your skin from bacteria and bacterial infections
The Longest-lasting Exfoliator – strong, durable, it lasts many years, it doesn’t need to be replaced often, it saves you time and money
The Most Costly to Manufacture, but Affordable with Luxurious Design,3000 high quality cocoons are used to produce 1 yard of Silk Virgin
The only Versatile Exfoliator – perfect for Wet exfoliation, Dry exfoliation, Cleansing, Beauty treatments, for Men and Women of all skin types and ages
Proven by Scientific Studies today that Silk is an Anti-aging. Breakthrough the Ancients kept a Secret for Centuries

Silk Virgin has been Clinically Tested and Voted by Top Dermatologists asthe Best Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Available.

Silk Virgin Easily Reduces:


Use the ANTI-aging Power of Silk Virgin to Correct the Symptoms of Aging and Slow down the Aging of the Skin.Feel YOUR SKIN as SOFT as SILK, You Deserve it!

You can find all SILK VIRGIN Exfoliators and Massagers at:

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Silk Virgin's Sex Appeal Goes More Than Skin Deep!
Fashionistas can thank Virginia and Tanya of Bulgaria now in Las Vegas for Making Silk Virgin for Skin an Anti-aging Sensation!

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