Mother’s Day Gift Guide – VictoriaLand Beauty All Natural Skincare!


Gifts for Every Mom
Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12…just around the corner!


Need a gift for a special mom in your life? Look no further, VictoriaLand Beauty has you covered. All natural, multi-tasking, easy to use formulas that are perfect for every mom on your list.

It’s time to spoil a deserving mother! Nominate your mom or someone who is like a mother figure and enter her to win our giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a gift set with products worth $325!

  • VictoriaLand Beauty’s Skin-Loving Minis
  • VictoriaLand Beauty’s Good Vibes Facial Roller
  • Cannabliss Gift Set (body oil and salve)
  • Cannabliss Candle
  • Jullie Mollo Lips Pouch
  • Show Me Your Mumu Brie Floral Robe

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Pampering Mom– Does your mom enjoy a little pampering? Bring a little spa vibes and tranquility with VLB Skin-Loving Moisturizer Nourishing Face and Neck Cream. With natural botanical aromas, this hydrating formula contains powerful anti-oxidants and binding properties such as Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Hylauronic Acid that will nourish the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. Editors Note: We love this Face and Neck cream. We only have been using this for a short time but can see how hydrating this and it has not broke us out!  SRP: $75. 


Multi-tasking Mom– What is a multi-tasker’s dream gift? Time! Need products that help simplify your mom’s skincare routine without comprising her skin health and needs? Try VLB Skin-Loving Treatment for Eyes and Lips! With Organic Evening Primerose Oil and Tri-Peptide Complex that reduce fine lines and wrinkles while it increases elasticity of the skin around both the eyes and lips areas, this is the perfect product for any busy mom. Can be applied morning, night and throughout the day. Your mom will be so excited to use this product, she will never leave home without it! SRP: $55.


Natural Holistic Mom– Does your mom eat only organic foods, practice Yoga and enjoy mediation? If this sounds like your mom, then VLB Skin-Loving Elixir Revitalizing Face Oil is sure to please her. An all-natural, vegan formula that feeds skin with powerful natural ingredients like Revinage, Gatuline and Rosehip Seed Oil. This soothing and hydrating face oil can be used on even the most sensitive of skin. SRP: $80.

Tip: Apply Skin-Loving Elixir using VLB’s NEW! Good Vibes Facial Roller. Like a wink and a smile, it is the perfect application tool for our face oil that will help smooth out fine wrinkles while it ensures product is evenly applied to the skin. And it comes in gorgeous pink rose quartz and gold metal accents – so it’s functional and beautiful, just like your mom. SRP $29. Editors Note: Love this Facial Roller. It not only works great at applying our oil it helps with tension!

Mom on-the-go–Whether it’s driving to school, going to work or taking kids to soccer practice, one thing is for sure, moms are busy! Simplicity without comprising on effectiveness is what moms crave with their skincare routine. Give the gift of a 1-2-3 regimen that will leave skin healthy and glowing. VLB Skin-Loving Minis contain all three VLB skincare products in super fun, portable and TSA friendly sizes that fit inside any tote, bag or clutch. SRP $55.

MitoQ: The Scientific Secret To Actually Look Younger

What’s Hollywood’s Latest Secret To Looking Younger? MitoQ!


What makes MitoQ different than any other “anti-aging” labeled product is that this product is not actually labeled anti-aging because it’s all about the science behind the labels!  This product is developed to activate skin cells to produce collagen which RESULTS IN ANTI-AGING.  This revolutionary skincare range will redefine the way you think about your beauty regime to fight pigmentation and wrinkles with its two morning and two evening products.


In the morning, MitoQ helps you to DEFEND AND PROTECT  your skin for the day ahead and at night helps you to BOOST AND BRIGHTEN after a harsh day on your skin.  Here is how it works by each product (recommended to use both AM and both PM creams to maximize results):


MitoQ Active Protection Daily Defense Cream AM is a hydrating cream that works to help protect the skin from environmental aggressors including pollution, while moisturizing and rehydrating so your skin instantly feels comforted, and looks radiant and dewy.  Over time the ingredients create a powerful anti–wrinkle peptide, that work to help restructure and rebuild skin essentials so it becomes smoother, plumper and firmer, diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a new, younger looking you.


MitoQ Cellular Radiance, Protecting Serum AM protects your skin from daily environmental aggressors with MitoQ®’s patented antioxidant technology. This lightweight cream serum is blended with Mediatone™ and active vitamin C to brighten your skin. Also Hyaluronic acid which hydrates and plumps the skin, and Pomegranate to improve elasticity. Vitamins B3, E and A, sourced from rosehip, encourage cell regeneration and protection.  Your skin will be refined, have a more even skin tone, and look luminous, fresh and youthful.


MitoQ Skin Boosting Active Night Cream PM revitalizes, brightens and restores skin in your sleep. In a rich night cream, MitoQ® re-energizes the cell’s natural energy-producing mitochondria and Matrixyl® synthe’6®, a powerful wrinkle-reversing peptide, helps stimulate the rebuilding of collagen and elastin in the skin. These powerful ingredients are blended with hyaluronic acid which hydrates and plumps the skin, and vitamins A, C & E sourced from rosehip, macadamia and pomegranate.  The result is decreased levels of oxidative stress and skin which feels soft, smooth and looks visibly brighter with a more even skin tone.


MitoQ® Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum PM is rich with mitochondria-energizing MitoQ®, detoxifying Prodizia™, brightening Mediatone™, vitamin C, niacinamide and vitamin A from rosehip.  These powerful ingredients work to support youthful levels of collagen and elastin, diminish the visible look of dark spots, pigmentation and nourish the skin. Over time skin tone becomes more even, regains clarity, feels plumper, softer, and looks more fresh and vital.


Each year after the age of 30, our mitochondria in our cells loose approximately 1% function year after year.  The mitochondria in our cells are vital components that convert the air we breathe and the food we invite into energy to help us thrive. As we age they slowly get “out of tune” and that means less energy for our cells. We see it in our skin as we age but MitoQ is the only skin-care line that is able to insert oxygen into these cells to bring us back to our youth… it’s the scientific skin-care line for the fountain of youth!

Silk Virgin’s Sex Appeal Goes More Than Skin Deep!



Fashionistas can thank Virginia and Tanya of Bulgaria now in Las Vegas for Making Silk Virgin for Skin an Anti-aging Sensation!


Tanya, a fashionable native of Bulgaria, admired the costly fashionista style of Virginia-Atelier, her extraordinary dress designs, and her beauty expertise. After moving to Las Vegas, drawn to its glamor and celebrity lifestyle, Tanya determined to pursue her creative dream: why not marry the elegance of fashion fabric with the dermatologist’s prescription for yout hand beauty: exfoliation?

Tanya’s dream became a reality, she launched her USA venture Silk Virgin USA, a marriage of the exquisite yet virile properties of Raw Silk into user-friendly hand held applicators that were attractive and incredibly effective skin exfoliators.

Exfoliation is the trigger word in the arsenal used by famous dermatologists as a surgical-free method of helping celebrity beauties maintain the flawless, blemish-free skin that parades before the film cameras and the public to keep our beauty idols alive.

Tanya’s mission targeted the average man and woman.  Her vision was to launch Silk Virgin – USA, a Unisex-appeal company that would allow every ordinary woman and man to use exfoliation in its newly discovered Silk therapy as a daily addition to face and body care.

And with the numerous types of Silk Virgin-USA products available through Tanya and the website, the word can now be broadcast: You too can cultivate skin and body health and vibrancy, diminish superficial aging and greet your morning mirror with a grateful smile.

Tanya’s dedication to understand the essential needs of our bodies’ skin takes the mystery out of the big word “exfoliation”.  It will begin your journey to beautiful and younger looking skin.

All skin ages, and like a car pileup on the freeway, the dead skin stalls inside the pores. A major pileup on the skin surface clogs the pores.  That youthful sloughing off of dead skin which is natural exfoliation slows down. The result is dull and lifeless skin. But we can change that aging trap by actually rebuffing it verbally and physically by using the best exfoliators that have been specifically developed and designed to rejuvenate the way our skin looks, feels, and functions.

With Silk Virgin dead skin cells can be removed completely. Skin pores are unclogged.  Breathing better is as essential for the skin as it is for our life and lungs to maintain good health and vibrant living. The facial exfoliation technic prevents the formation of whiteheads, blackheads, ugly acne breakouts, stimulate blood flow and allow the skin to retain moisture. Skin texture improves. The youthful firm skin reappears, and the pleasant exfoliator products of Raw Silk – Silk Virgin takes a well deserved bow.

Tanya reminds us. “The Ancient Beauty Secrets, Cocoon Raw Silk, is the key to a beautiful and younger looking skin.” For women and men of all ages there is renewed hope for discovering a Fountain of Youth reflected in better health ongoing and a mirror image worth seeing.

SILK VIRGIN is a 100% Cocoon Raw Silk Exfoliator and Massager designed for skin exfoliation and rejuvenation.

Silk Virgin is the most Powerful Exfoliator and Skin-firming Tool available on the Market.

How Silk Virgin dominates all other Exfoliators?

Highest Quality Cocoon Raw Silk, the cocoon raw silk fiber is  obtained using steam only – no dyes, no treatments, the most natural product with totally natural production technology
Special Exfoliating Surface resembling the skin surface for making a perfect contact with the skin an delivering the most complete exfoliation and rejuvenation
Anti-aging Power, 100% Protein Content with unbeatable Skin-firming  Effect
Anti-bacterial, it doesn’t grow bacteria or promoting bacterial growth  as the other Exfoliators do, Silk Virgin protects your skin from bacteria  and bacterial infections
The Longest-lasting Exfoliator – strong, durable, it lasts many years, it doesn’t need to be replaced often, it saves you time and money
The Most Costly to Manufacture, but Affordable with Luxurious Design,3000 high quality cocoons are used to produce 1 yard of Silk Virgin
The only Versatile Exfoliator – perfect for Wet exfoliation, Dry exfoliation, Cleansing, Beauty treatments, for Men and Women of all skin  types and ages
Proven by Scientific Studies today that Silk is an Anti-aging.  Breakthrough the Ancients kept a Secret for Centuries

Silk Virgin has been Clinically Tested and Voted by Top Dermatologists asthe Best Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Available.

Silk Virgin Easily Reduces:


Use the ANTI-aging Power of Silk Virgin to Correct the Symptoms of Aging and Slow down the Aging of the Skin.Feel YOUR SKIN as SOFT as SILK, You Deserve it!

You can find all SILK VIRGIN Exfoliators and Massagers at:

Restore Your Youth With mybody for Healthy and Luminous Skin!


Turn back the clock for a happy, healthy and beautiful complexion


Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

• All-in-one protective, soothing and anti-aging eye treatment that reduces dark circles and under-eye puffiness

• Instantly lifts and revitalizes the look of tired eyes

• Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• myR2X, an innovative retinol complex provides faster results with less irritation, reduces melanin and stimulates collagen production

•$95 / 0.5 OZ




Anti-Aging Night Repair Cream

•Replenishes dehydrated, dry and mature skin with essential hydrators and nourishing moisturizers

•Helps firm, tighten and increase skin thickness

•Skin appears lifted and firmer with fewer lines and wrinkles

•mySBP-189 helps reset the body’s skin-renewal process,while safflower oil helps maintain elasticity in the skin

•$110 / 1.7 OZ

mybody youth overnight


Available exclusively through medical offices;go to to find a location near you.


HORMETA Switzerland Skin Care in Harrah’s Las Vegas



HORMETA Skincare

Product List

Cleansing, Cleaning, Toning
Cleansing Beauty Milk
Cleansing Milk for Eyes
Herb Skin Freshener Tonic
Gentle Skin Freshener Tonic with Orange Flower
Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Restructuring and Anti-Wrinkle Line
FEMINISSIME High Redefinition Cream
FEMINISSIME High Redefinition Serum
Restructuring Cream with MCP ® Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream
Collagen Tri-Logic Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Night Cream
Eye Contour Gel with Time Release Anti-Age Encapsulates
Eye Contour Gel Mask
Lip Design Smoothing and Re-Plumping Care
#7 Special Cream for around the Eyes
Anti-Wrinkle Hydro-Active Serum N°8
Radiance Gel with lifting effect
Smooth & White Hand Treatment with Swiss Alps Plant Extract

Anti-Aging Revitalizing Line
ARL Stress Capture Essential Cream
ARL Stress Capture Essential Drops
ARL Stress Capture Essential Mask

Gentle Care Line for Sensitive and Blemished Skin
ARL Stress Capture Essential Cream
Gentle Skin Cream with Ginkgo Extract Capture
ARL Essential Gentle Skin Mask with Ginkgo Extract
Gentle Skin Freshener Tonic
Ampoules Number 9 for Red Blemished Skin

Youthful Normal Skin Line
Lipo-Carrot and Edelweiss Cream-Protective Day Care
Infini Nutrinuit Hormeta with Macadamia oil
Hormesmasque Moisturizing Beauty Mask
Moisturizing Cream with Trace Elements for Dry/Dehydrated Skin
Hydro Mineral Light Moisturizing Fluid with Trace Elements

Impurity and Oily Skin Line
HORMETA Cleansing Beauty Milk Protective Day Care
HORTMETA Gentle Foaming Cleanser
HORMETA Herb Skin Freshener Tonic
Anti-Shine Day Cream with Tea Tree Oil
Night Rebalancing Fluid

Other Specific Products
Peeling Scrub with Exfoliating Micro-Beads
Gentle Peeling – Eliminate Dead Cells
Skin Clearing Cream
Moisturizing & Firming Body Cream
VOILE NACRE Radiant Body Dry Oil