Gene Simmons Authorized Parody Book On Sale Today

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Gene Simmons Authorized Parody Book On Sale Today      

Foreword by GENE SIMMONS


We are all privileged to share a planet with Gene Simmons.  Not only has he sold more than one hundred million albums with KISS, he has also sold roughly two billion dollars’ worth of merchandise, including his bestselling books, KISS and Make-Up and Me, Inc.  Now, in the spirit of Chuck Norris Facts, with authorization by Gene Simmons, Christina Vitagliano pays homage to rock’s living legend in the lavishly illustrated, GENE SIMMONS IS A POWERFUL AND ATTRACTIVE MAN: AND OTHER IRREFUTABLE FACTS.

As the founder of Monster Mini Golf and Gene’s business venture partner, Christina has rare access to Mr. Simmons allowing her a unique perspective on his awesomeness.  In this parody book, Vitagliano shares more than two-hundred-and-fifty outlandish “facts” about everything from Gene’s stage persona to his legendary sex life, love, his fans, finances, self-promotion, and, of course, that tongue.
Did you know?

  • Gene Simmons can get to the center of a Tootsie Pop in one lick
  • Gene Simmons has never seen a red light
  • Gene Simmons does not need a toaster; bread gladly sets itself on fire for him
  • When Gene Simmons walks into a strip club, the girls pay him
  • Gene Simmons is the reason Mick Jagger “can’t get no satisfaction”

“Gene Simmons planned on being a success the moment he launched himself out of his mother’s womb.”  —Gene Simmons

The book also includes Foreword by Gene Simmons, words of wisdom straight from the Demon’s tongue, hilarious reactions to Gene from kids, reimagined movie posters featuring Gene in the title role, and much more.  This is the book that 12 million KISS fans have been waiting for.

Christina Vitagliano is the founder of Monster Mini Golf.  She created, designed and is responsible for a nationwide franchised chain of indoor, glow-in-the-dark, monster themed mini golf family entertainment centers.  She lives in Las Vegas and has never slept with Gene Simmons.


Christina Vitagliano
Plume / March 31, 2015 / $16.00

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