Trapt with Systemec, 3 Pill Morning and Corvus at Vinyl in Hard Rock Hotel Casino – Saturday June 1st


The rockers from Trapt are coming to Vinyl Las Vegas!
They will take the stage with Systemec
3 Pill Morning and Corvus
June 1st, and tickets are still available
Grab them here:


SYSTEMEC a new modern rock group from Las Vegas.

Turning on the Modern Rock, Metal, Industrialized Blender…

Brutally Bold but yet soulfully sweet! review of In This Moment Show Nov 20th @ Vinyl in the Hard Rock- “Systemec put on the most personal performance of the night working the room and engaging the crowd belting out heartfelt songs with meaning”.

Checkout the debut single titled “Skywind” featured on Baja Racing Edge of Control video game for xbox/playstation and 2010-11Bacchus StarLeague Finals.

Full length CD Available in Early 2013!

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