Vegas Nocturne Host Evgeny Alfonso Buzukhov Invites Nevada Locals to Rose. Rabbit. Lie. for Midnight Snack






Nevada locals receive complimentary admission to the midnight show of Vegas Nocturne at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. every Wednesday – Saturday in May, 2014 (a $30 savings).  Valid identification and use of the secret code will activate the promotion.  Following the midnight show, guests are encouraged to party the night away at The Club at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. with music by DJ Wiki, handcrafted signature cocktails including Whiskey Smash and Monkey Gland, and a special late night menu to satisfy any appetite.


Must be 21 or older.  Subject to availability.  Management reserves all rights.  Dress code enforced.



Here’s to us…


Evgeny “Alfonso” Buzukhov is an unpredictable fellow.  As host of Vegas Nocturne at Rose. Rabbit. Lie., you never know what he’ll do next.  Perhaps his one constant is this oath he recites each night.


The lucky few…


You see, Alfonso is a creature of the evening – one who values those who value a party.  A party unlike any they’ve ever experienced.


We shall keep forever the secrets we view…


Now, the doors to his family’s century-old mansion are open and his smorgasbord of resident entertainers have been ping-pong balls-to-the-wall excited about having guests over every weekend.


If you should reveal what we see here tonight…


“HEY ALFONSO,” shrieked Ripley, manservant to Alfonso and also his constant interruption.


“I can never complete a thought when he’s around,” said Alfonso, leaving the oath’s final line unfinished.


“ALFONSO!  There are so many hot girls who live in Las Vegas.”


“Yes, Ripley.  Do not touch them.”


Alfonso always ensures the protection of his guests and their revelry.


“Ripley, do you know what time it is?”


“Bath time?”


“No, Ripley.  Its springtime.  Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year and we are sparing no expense to celebrate it,” said Alfonso.  “As a special treat, everyone who is a resident of the Silver State will receive free entry to our midnight show during the month of May – but only with valid identification and if they state the secret code at the door.”


“Just say ‘I WANT A MIDNIGHT SNACK’ and then you’ll totally be fine to come inside and then I’ll find you and take you to the Cloak Room so we can get into the bathtub together and–,”


“Ripley, stop it.”


You’d think Alfonso’s face would be disdainful, but after so many years of this, he shrugs off Ripley’s antics with a sigh and moves on.


“Well there you have it, the secret code. Many thanks to Ripley for being so discreet about it,” Alfonso chuckled.


Then a Chihuahua distracted Ripley and Alfonso decided it was time to get ready for nightfall.  But before closing the door to his private quarters, he turned, and with a slight sweep of the hair and the sincerest half-smile you’ll ever see, he raised his glass of champagne.




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eveny alfonso



In the nearly two decades since Evgeny Alfonso Buzukhov – affectionately known by many as Alfonso or Alfie – assumed responsibility as head-of-household, he has distinguished himself among Las Vegas’ first families for his unparalleled hospitality.


Rumors circulated with regards to ulterior motives behind his open door policy; it is said that this self-educated man relies on a regular influx of international and eccentric guests to cover for his own lack of worldly experience.  What’s more, Mr. Buzukhov is a frequent target of whisper campaigns that paint him as an eccentric recluse.


On the contrary, however, Mr. Buzukhov has never hidden himself behind closed doors.  His affability is confirmed to a man, and his dedication to the vitality of nightlife is the origin of several newer family institutions, including Mansion Music and the Neue Society Dancers.


One rumor that unfortunately does have an element of truth to it emanates from his dedication to spirits.  His drinking has not yet cast a shadow on the mansion’s operations, but things can get pretty upside down after he’s knocked a few back.



Practically a legend in the Valley for his eager devotion to the Falzone-Buzukhov household, Ripley serves as Evgeny Alfonso Buzukhov’s manservant.


Having fruitlessly pursued an advanced degree in Hotel Management, Ripley was installed for several years as a clerk in a housing property that catered to seasonal workers in the wind farms of Ashtabula.  The local depression – sparked by the Great Calm of 1996 combined with debilitating symptoms caused by Wind Turbine Syndrome – forced Ripley to expand his career horizon.


Lured to Las Vegas by the promise of a lucrative contract with a condominium resort, Ripley found himself locked into a situation resembling indentured servitude.  Several years went badly.


Ripley’s fortunes rapidly changed when he began his service in the Falzone Buzukhov household, where he currently implements the theories introduced to him during the first half of the first semester of his short-lived degree program.  His loyalty to the family is fierce, and his dedication to the mansion is assured by his desperate love for Hrit, Beverley’s handmaiden.



Vegas Nocturne does not live on a stage or with the rise and fall of a curtain.  It plays all night long and crescendos in three distinct ticketed shows: 7:30 p.m. (90 minutes), 9:30 p.m. (90 minutes) and Midnight (30 minutes).  Each is unique, created by the Family Falzone-Buzukhov, for most of whom English is a second language. Good luck trying to interpret any meaning, as the action sways like an elephant’s trunk with the passing hours.



A rebirth of the social club, Rose. Rabbit. Lie. is a modern twist on clubs of the night—a truly communal venue, where the experience lies not only with the power of production, but within the excitement of improvisation. The result is an entirely new genre that blurs the lines between restaurant, bar, club and live entertainment to create a grand social experiment; one that arrives in spontaneous moments throughout the evening.  An ever-evolving experience, Rose. Rabbit. Lie. adheres to no standard model, follows no written rules. Come when you want. Leave when you wish. Let the night take the lead.


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