**Video** A Cultural Look Into Chinese New Year at The Venetian and The Palazzo

As Chinese New Year continues, we want to share with you the second installment to The Venetian and The Palazzo’s Chinese New Year video series and the cultural significance of the Year of the Dragon. Regarded as the most important and celebrated holiday in Chinese and Asian cultures, Chinese New Year, also referred to as “Spring Festival,” is centuries old. Based off the Lunar calendar, predating the international calendar used in western cultures today, the holiday has become one of the most celebrated events in Las Vegas.

This year marks the Year of the Dragon, deemed the mightiest of signs. The dragon is the fifth zodiac in the Chinese calendar and is said to descend from the heavens above. A symbol of good fortune and power, those who possess the sign of the dragon are said to exhibit such characteristics as bravery, passion and innovation.

Peter Lung, a Chinese culture and feng shui expert with World of Feng Shui boutiques in Las Vegas and Honolulu, consulted on the creation of this project beginning 12 months ago. From the number of claws on the dragon and direction it faces, to the position of the water element and earth element beds, the display brings good chi through the ancient art of feng shui.

If you haven’t already visited, make sure to come by to see the dragon and circle around it three times for good fortune in the new year. Share your #ChineseNewYear wishes on Twitter with @PalazzoLasVegas and @VenetianVegas.

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