“Wink World” Creator Chris Wink Debuts Original Music Video For” Loving Tone” By Singer-Songwriter Lucy Weld


Lucy Weld in a screen shot from the music video for “Loving Tone.”
(Photo courtesy of Sophia Stallworth for “Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite”)


Ethereal Tune featured in “Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite” at AREA15

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Experience Designer Chris Wink introduces an original music video for the song “Loving Tone” by up-and-coming singer-songwriter Lucy Weld. The vibrantly colorful video was filmed inside “Wink World: Portals Into the Infinite,” which Wink describes as “a hybrid between a psychedelic art house and a carnival fun house” located inside Las Vegas’ new immersive art and entertainment district, AREA15.

The soulful, melodic song was written by Weld and produced by Wink along with Chris Dyas, who served as Wink’s musical collaborator for many years at Blue Man Group. “Loving Tone” is featured in the last of six infinity-mirror rooms at “Wink World,” where Weld’s rich, ethereal vocal performance pairs perfectly with Wink World’s dreamy, yet vibrant, visual landscape.

According to Wink, “I wanted the experience at Wink World to have a soft landing, almost the opposite of the emotional arcs of Blue Man Group shows, which always end with a big bang. Instead, I wanted Wink World to feel more like it ends with a gentle hug. When I heard the demo for ‘Loving Tone,’ I knew that Lucy had written a special song and it would the perfect soundtrack for the final room at Wink World. Because so many of our guests have asked about the song, we decided to make a music video so it could reach a wider audience.”

Weld composed the song at the beginning of the pandemic and says, “I wrote ‘Loving Tone’ as a reminder to be intentional, especially in relationships. My hope is that this song will help people transmute fear into a positive meditation that leads to gratitude and self-love.”

Wink hired Dustin Robison from Quantum Arc Media to direct the video, which was filmed entirely inside Wink World at AREA15. As the video begins, the viewer sees Weld, dressed all in white, walking into a scene that quickly breaks down into an undulating, kaleidoscopic pattern. When the viewer sees her next, Weld’s attire has transformed into bright neon colors, while psychedelic painter Alex Aliume adorns her face with swirls of multicolor fluorescent paint. In the next scene, Weld stands inside the sixth Wink World exhibit room surrounded by swirling psychedelic patterns that stretch far off into the distance.  Lyrics to “Loving Tone” include:

And if your home is the road,
Just know that blessings will unfold.
The sun still rises,
The moon stays shining.
You will be fine.
You are divine.
Take the loving tone
It will lead you back home

To create “Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite,” Wink drew upon many of the skills he honed at Blue Man Group as a designer, director, music composer and purveyor of high-impact entertainment in order to create a mind-bending multimedia experience. The 1,500-square-foot experience, located inside Las Vegas’ new art and entertainment district AREA15, encompasses a total of six infinity-mirror rooms that are filled with music, kinetic art, and dazzling theatrical lighting effects. According to Wink, the infinity rooms are meant to “inspire wonder and a heightened appreciation for life’s infinite possibilities.” Tickets to enter “Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite” vary from $18-$25 depending on time of entry. For more information about Wink World, click here or follow on Facebook and Instagram @WinkWorldOfficial.

Lucy Weld is a nomadic singer, songwriter, dancer, and aerialist in training from New York. Weld’s music is inspired by jazz, Memphis blues, folk, and medicine music. Some of her favorite artists include Luiz Bonfá, Grant Green, Erykah Badu, Frazey Ford, Amy Winehouse, Zero 7, and Beautiful Chorus. She is currently working on new music to be released in fall 2021.  Instagram: @moon.goop

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"Wink World" Creator Chris Wink Debuts Original Music Video For" Loving Tone" By Singer-Songwriter Lucy Weld
"Wink World" Creator Chris Wink Debuts Original Music Video For" Loving Tone" By Singer-Songwriter Lucy Weld