ABSINTHE’s Penny Pibbets announces the Design a Penny T-Shirt Contest!



Are you an artist hoping to one day find your masterpiece plastered on a 100% cotton t-shirt?  Well here’s an opportunity to make that dream a reality. ABSINTHE’s The Gazillionaire, along with his wacky assistant Penny Pibbets, have announced the Design a Penny T-Shirt Contest for all fans to enter. With no funds of her own to hire a professional designer, Penny is asking her fans to help design a t-shirt for ABSINTHE merchandise. So whether you’re a painting prodigy, an all-around bedazzler, a crayon-coloring expert or just plain bored with nothing better to do, fans can submit their creation and be recognized at Las Vegas’ hottest Strip-side show, ABSINTHE at Caesars Palace. Contestants can showcase their whimsical vision by creating a unique t-shirt inspired by the sock puppet loving, mistress of madness Penny Pibbets.


ABSINTHE’s the Gazillionaire explained, “So after Penny was on the cover of Las Vegas Weekly, she demanded she get her own t-shirt.  I told her to go away, but apparently her fans have been asking for a t-shirt of her at our merchandise booth.  I told her I would take 95% of the profits and she would have to pay for everything. Since she has no money, she decided to ask her fans to help her design something. There you have it, the Design a Penny T-Shirt Contest. Good luck.”


“All designs are fair game,” said Penny Pibbets.  “Let it be known that my favorite things in the world are sock puppets, unicorns and glitter. Quite frankly, it probably won’t compare to the hallucinations swimming in my head, but make sure it’s an awesome design!”


The winner of the Design a Penny T-Shirt Contest will receive a bevy of prizes paid by Penny Pibbets herself. The prizes will include: two-nights accommodation in Las Vegas, four VIP tickets to ABSINTHE with drinks, four ABSINTHE t-shirts with the winning design and a one-of-a-kind sock puppet handmade by Penny. However, since Penny is forking over the cash, prizes are subject to change without notice except for the sock puppet which is guaranteed.


Artists will have free reign on creativity, but should keep a four color maximum on the design. Humor is strongly encouraged! A full list of design source materials can be found online at  All entries must be received by Saturday, April 14 at 11:59 p.m. by emailing designs to

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