For The Love of Food! 5 Exclusive Prints at Modernist Cuisine Gallery Perfect for Valentine’s Day

For The Love of Food!
A Photographic Valentine’s Day For The New Romantics

King Henry’s Choice
The Beauty of Food Showcased in Five Exclusive Photography Prints at Modernist Cuisine Gallery
Photographer and Gallery Owner, Nathan Myhrvold Highlights Prints for Valentine’s Day Available Exclusively at Modernist Cuisine Gallery (Las Vegas/New Orleans); The World’s First Gallery Dedicated To Food Photography by a Single Artist
According to Statista (, the most common gifts given each year for Valentine’s Day range from candy to flowers to jewelry, but this year, the two Modernist Cuisine Galleries now open in the U.S. (Las Vegas/New Orleans) look to expand upon the list of coveted Valentine’s Day items by introducing art into the mix, specifically dramatic food photography.
Themes of love have always been part of art and culture, but when photographer Nathan Myhrvold chose his debut selects for his new galleries, little did he realize that he might have five photos in the collection that would actually become the perfect gift for this yearly holiday, celebrating love.
The five distinct prints all feature Myhrvold’s signature close-up photography techniques focusing on different foods and beverages. Each of these stunning, action-stopping images can easily be transformed into gifts of love for the foodie, the art collector, or the person just searching for a memorable new way to say “I love you.” From the red wine spilling in Intertwined to the liquid shots of Just a Splash and Release, to the sensuous strawberry splashing into the cream in King Henry’s Choice, and the plunging berry making it’s way to the bottom of the champagne flute in Toast!, this collection speaks right to the food & beverage lovers heart.


Just a Splash


These five prints of love and passion (along with all prints from his first collection) can be found at both the Las Vegas and New Orleans Modernist Cuisine Gallery. Having both launched in 2017, Myhrvold’s galleries are the only of their kind, featuring all food photography work from just one single artist.
“The response to the art and the technique has been phenomenal,” notes Myhrvold. “After the success of the Modernist Cuisine Cookbooks, we were excited to be able to make the photography available to our loyal followers, as well as introduce it to an entirely new audience. The fact that five of the prints just happen to make a great pairing with Valentine’s Day was an added bonus.”
All prints are available for purchase. For more information on the gallery and Nathan Myhrvold, please visit:
About Nathan Myhrvold
Nathan Myhrvold is the lead author and photographer of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, Modernist Cuisine at Home, The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, and Modernist Bread, on sale now. He routinely pushes the boundaries of culinary science as a chef, scientist, photographer, and author. Myhrvold has had a passion for photography since he was a child. He continued to pursue photography even while doing postdoctoral cosmology work with Stephen Hawking and working alongside Bill Gates as the chief technology officer of Microsoft. After retiring from Microsoft, Myhrvold founded Intellectual Ventures and focused more time on the pursuit of his lifelong interests. Inspired by the void in literature about culinary science and the cutting-edge techniques used in the world’s best restaurants, he assembled the Modernist Cuisine team to share the beauty and science of cooking with others. The striking imagery of the team’s self-published books has captivated readers and garnered awards and recognition around the world. Modernist Cuisine Gallery is located at 305 Royal Street in New Orleans and in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. More information can be found on
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For The Love of Food! 5 Exclusive Prints at Modernist Cuisine Gallery Perfect for Valentine's Day
For The Love of Food! 5 Exclusive Prints at Modernist Cuisine Gallery Perfect for Valentine's Day