Modern Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim Announces Vodka Distilled Book Tour Throughout October




Renowned innovator and curator of cocktails, Tony Abou-Ganim will be kicking off his October book tour for Vodka Distilled with a special event in Las Vegas on October 3rd just in time for National Vodka Day. This dynamic book tour will visit an array of cities across the United States throughout the month of October, simultaneously providing both education about all things vodka and bartending inspired entertainment for all attendees.


The tour will feature demonstrations and tastings of cocktail recipes hand selected by Abou-Ganim from Vodka Distilled, interactive demonstrations of Abou-Ganim’s line of signature bar tools and opportunities for book signings and chances to connect with the master of modern mixology. In addition, Abou-Ganim will be hosting consumer events on the best practices of creating cocktails in the home, in conjunction with fine spirits retailer BevMo! as well as a series of professional cocktail classes through a partnership with the Bartenders Guild of the United States of America.


The Vodka Distilled book tour will make stops throughout a selection of the top food and beverage markets in the United States, including Las Vegas (Oct. 3), Seattle (Oct. 5-6), Portland (Oct. 7-9), Sacramento (Oct. 10-13), San Francisco (Oct. 14-16), Los Angeles (Oct. 18-20), Orange County (Oct. 21-22), San Diego (Oct. 23), Scottsdale (Oct. 26-28).


“There was so much that went into writing this book and I can’t wait to share and experience it with readers and vodka enthusiasts from across the country,” shared Tony Abou-Ganim. “Between the tastings, demonstrations, and conference style discussions there is a little something for every vodka lover. “


Vodka Distilled is the companion book of Abou-Ganim’s earlier work The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Cocktail Classics showcasing all of the highlights the illustrious clear spirit has to offer.  Vodka Distilled provides readers with a comprehensive look at the vodka marketplace, geared towards both those who make up the industry as well as the vast population of vodka drinkers. This book is a unique perspective on the world’s most consumed spirits, from the mind of one of the Nation’s most knowledgeable mixologists.


Vodka Distilled

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Tony Abou-Ganim is widely regarded as one of the pioneering and leading bar professionals in the world.  He has made dozens of national TV appearances on shows including TODAY, Iron Chef America, Good Morning America, CNBC, Fox News and more.  Abou-Ganim is the author of The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails (Agate, 2010), which offers readers an in-depth look into spirits and ingredients available to today’s mixologist, both professional and amateur alike.  This entertaining and informative journey will take readers from the early stages of the cocktail to what Abou-Ganim has come to deem “Modern Mixology.”  Abou-Ganim also has a DVD to his credit, Modern Mixology: Making Great Cocktails at Home, and hosted the Fine Living program Raising the Bar: America’s Best Bar Chefs. Abou-Ganim has also won two Iron Chef America competitions; his first pairing cocktails with Iron Chef Mario Batali in “Battle Mango,” and most recently pairing cocktails in  “Battle Tequila and Tortillas” with Iron Chef Jose Garces.  His signature branded line of Modern Mixologist bar tools was released in early 2013, along with his second book, Vodka Distilled (Agate, 2013). Abou-Gamin is also a partner at Inoteca Liquori in New York City.

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Modern Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim Announces Vodka Distilled Book Tour Throughout October
Tony Abou-Ganim will be kicking off his October book tour for Vodka Distilled with a special event in Las Vegas on October 3rd just in time for National Vodka Day

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