Photos: Far East Movement Gives High-Energy Performance at PURE Nightclub – Saturday, Feb. 9

Last night, Angel Management Group’s PURE Nightclub welcomed worldwide sensation Far East Movement as they put on an unforgettable performance. Arriving around 1:30 a.m. the hip-hop, electronic dance foursome made their way into the mega-club where they were greeted by hundreds of screaming fans. Joined by their entourage the group took their place at their VIP booth located on the main stage and took a moment to shake the hands of a few adoring fans.

Around 2 a.m. DJ Virman began to get the crowd ready for the performance as he took over the turntables and told the fans he wanted to spin some new music for them. The energy of the nightclub soared as Kev Nish got on the mic and said, “It looks like PURE came to party tonight!” and started rapping along with the new tracks.  With bottle in hand, Prohgress jumped atop the railing of the main stage and started to pass out shots to partygoers on the dance floor as he hyped up the crowd. After a specialty DJ set the band decided it was time to start the show. All stylishly dressed they made their way center stage and kicked off their performance with the popular hit “Like a G6.” Full of energy the boys put on a mini concert as they jumped around and showed off their best dance moves.  Pulling out all the stops J Splif put on his vest made out of iPads and segued into “Girls On The Dance Floor.”  As the performance came to an end Prohgress began to play his keytar and asked the crowd to sing along to “Rocketeer.” Before making their way off stage the boys took a moment to thank the audience for all of their love and support and suddenly Prohgress jumped atop the railing and into the crowd giving his fans an up-close meet and greet.

Far East Movement celebrated a successful performance as they drank, danced and mingled with fans into the early hours of the morning.


Photo credit Al Powers

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