Skip a shampoo, not a wash with Redken’s NEW! Genius Wash cleansing conditioners

Skip a Shampoo, not a Wash
Rotate your haircare regimen with
Redken’s NEW Genius Wash cleansing conditioners


It’s not rocket science, but it is genius! Now, you can wash smarter by rotating your haircare regimen with Redken’s NEW Genius Wash cleansing conditioners. Genius Wash cleansing conditioners cleanse and condition in one step for ideal moisture replenishment, manageability and color radiance, so your hair is always clean, but never over-washed. Available in three gentle formulas for medium, coarse and unruly hair, Genius Wash cleansing conditioners work ingeniously when rotated with your favorite Redken shampoo to provide the gentle cleansing and extra conditioning on the days you need it.


Genius Wash is an ideal way to whisk away build-up of oil or debris from your hair and scalp as often as needed without stripping any of the essential natural moisture,” says Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador and owner of Cutler/Redken Salons in NYC. “You can easily switch up your standard haircare regimen by alternating your traditional Redken shampoo with Genius Wash, so you will maintain optimal conditioning and avoid over-washing.”




The Genius Wash formulas feature a gentle cleansing technology that works best when rotated with your favorite Redken shampoo and conditioner to leave hair clean, but never over-washed. Like other cleansing conditioners, Genius Wash foams less than a traditional shampoo and should be used every 2 – 3 washes depending on your hair type and need. Each of the formulas feature customized moisture and proteins for medium, coarse or unruly hair, as well as apricot oil for moisture, shine and softness and soy proteins to strengthen and repair. All of the formulas are free of any harsh salts, chemicals and parabens.

Genius Wash cleansing conditioners are an addition to your existing haircare regimen and not a replacement for your traditional shampoo. Book an appointment with your Redken stylist to create a custom routine that pairs the Genius Wash and Redken shampoo that is right for you depending on your hair type, concern and cleansing habits.

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Skip a shampoo, not a wash with Redken's NEW! Genius Wash cleansing conditioners
Launching in salons today, Redken is challenging you to now wash your hair smarter by rotating your haircare regimen with Redken’s NEW Genius Wash cleansing conditioners.

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