Spa & Salon Bellagio Offers $50 Signature Services During Rest and Relaxation Week

Spa & Salon Bellagio Offers $50 Signature Services
During Rest and Relaxation Week October 14 – 20

WHAT:  Spa & Salon Bellagio celebrates wellness and invites guests to unwind and pamper themselves during Rest and Relaxation Week. Replenish, rejuvenate and refresh the body, mind and energy levels with select $50 signature treatments.

To reserve treatments, guests may call Spa & Salon Bellagio directly at (702) 693-7472. Please note all treatments have limited availability.

WHEN:           October 14 – 20


Mini Massage
Invigorate and rejuvenate with this condensed session that focuses on an area of the body that needs the most attention.
20 minutes

Coffeeberry Mini Facial
Coffeeberry, nature’s most powerful antioxidant, improves skin tone, reduces fine lines, combats sun exposure and protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.
20 minutes

Hydro Revitalizing Mineral Mask
This multi-complex mineral mask contains zinc, copper and magnesium, which help stimulate the cells by increasing the skin’s energy and metabolism. This treatment includes a hand massage.
30 minutes

Caviar Beauty Escape
Hydrotub caviar pearls are immersed in seawater to mirror the structure of caviar and maintain the quality of its active ingredients. A velvety cream, rich in cationic conditioners and emollients, deeply nourishes the hair fiber and allows soothing molecules to heal the scalp. Gluco-lipids restore nutritive deficiencies and a mix of anti-oxidants and vitamin E protect the hairs’ integrity. This renovating treatment bestows a complete rejuvenating cure for the hair and scalp, returning both to their pure and original forms and leaving the hair incredibly soft, supple and shiny.
45 minutes

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