Star of Vegas Nocturne, Beverley Falzone-Buzukhov, Issues Apology for Unauthorized Advertising Campaign



Between throwing dusk-til-dawn parties inside Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, managing dozens of world-class performers, updating her blog about horses, and continually struggling with the western notion of needing to wear clothing at all times, Beverley Falzone-Buzukhov has had a lot on her plate lately.  But cleaning up for her friend-servant, Hrit, was not in the most recent horoscope.

“I was getting a mani/pedi by the swimming pool and opened up my magazine and had to double take the cover to make sure I wasn’t readingThe Help Weekly,” said Falzone-Buzukhov.

There it was, Hrit’s smile poking at her like the Cheshire cat.

“Look, I don’t know what happened,” she said, chef Wesley Holton’s gazpacho spilling from her lips.  “I hired a beast of a photographer – he shoots for the Kardashians for Christ’s sake – and we took my glam shots.  There was sand and hairspray and gold-leaf Grecian flip-flops.  I looked like Carmen Electra in the 90210 reboot – but better – and clearly our show isn’t getting canceled.”

She licks the bowl clean, disappointment floods her face for cheating on her tic-tac diet.

“The next thing I know someone takes this repulsive photo of Hrit and manages to turn the whole thing into some sort of advertising scheme.  Now I can’t leave the mansion without seeing her on a freaking billboard or taxicab.  Not that I take taxi’s, I don’t.  And it’s not that I don’t like her, I do.  She’s just not as facially triumphant as some other people who could have been put on these ads.”

Hrit was reached for a comment, but her Flemish gobbledygook could not be accurately recorded into a proper quotation.

It was later determined that Hrit’s photo was taken with Beverley’s iPhone.

“I swear to God you’re lying,” she said. “Someone else is up to this.  It was supposed to be my face.  My pose.  My T&A.  Sorry to anyone who is hurt or offended by seeing these advertisements of Hrit.  I’ll do everything I can to change them soon.”

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Perpetually unlucky in love, Beverley Falzone-Buzukhov remains ever the optimist: she has been engaged seven times – three of those to the same man.  Points for consistency.

Beverley is as humble as she is a keen fashionista.  Upon first glance, most think “Oh, she’s rich.”  But never let the sequined onesies, chiffon gowns or perfectly sculpted calves deter you: Beverley is rich in the pocketbook and in the heart.  With a deep level of devotion, she has immersed herself in numerous pursuits outside of the mansion, primarily a charity of unquestionable efficacy.  Beverley has a long-standing and sincere passion for persuading others to roll up their sleeves and help the less fortunate.  This philanthropic way of life carries over to the mansion where she endlessly urges all guests and residents to be the best, most inebriated version of themselves possible.

In rare moments when she can find downtime, Beverley likes to browse websites about horses with links to other websites about horses, play an intense game of Uno or Clue or Trivial Pursuit, and attempt to steal thunder from her brother Alfonso in every way imaginable.



Widely hailed in her native country of Belgium as a key crossover artist, Hrit catapulted into public consciousness during her teenage years and became regarded by many as the Flemish Lowland’s version of Shakira.  Wide-eyed and fame hungry, Hrit emigrated to Las Vegas where she landed a comprehensive worldwide contract including a 2-album recording deal, branded merchandise with distribution points at every adult arcade in the greater Southern Nevada area, and a corporate sponsorship with the nation’s leading motel operator to create a new, extended-stay RV park – Hritel 8.  Following a handshake to secure her first walk-on role in a made-for-TV mini-series about Agatha Christie, Hrit was devastated to discover that her landlord/talent agent falsified every contract she signed since paddle boating to America.

That was 12 years ago.  Penniless and pantless in the desert, Hrit gamely landed on her feet in the service of Beverley Falzone-Buzukhov, where her joie de vivre made her invaluable to the family – and to Beverley in particular.

Hrit’s stateside debut EP, Hrits & Misses: A Best-Of Collection, will soon be available exclusively for download at the Falzone-Buzukhov family website. She continues to pursue a career in the performing arts and has strong expectations for a cameo on Season 6 of Downton Abbey, for which she is always rehearsing.



Vegas Nocturne does not live on a stage or with the rise and fall of a curtain.  It plays all night long and crescendos in three distinct ticketed Cantos: 8 p.m. (70 minutes), 10 p.m. (70 minutes) and Midnight (25 minutes).  Each is unique, created by the Family Falzone-Buzukhov, for most of whom English is a second language. Good luck trying to interpret any meaning, as the action sways like an elephant’s trunk with the passing hours.  



A rebirth of the social club, Rose. Rabbit. Lie. is a modern twist on clubs of the night—a truly communal venue, where the experience lies not only with the power of production, but within the excitement of improvisation. The result is an entirely new genre that blurs the lines between restaurant, bar, club and live entertainment to create a grand social experiment; one that arrives in spontaneous moments throughout the evening. This new venue delivers an unexpected mash-up featuring world-class partner Coastal Luxury Management, curating food and beverage, and entertainment partner Spiegelworld, creators of Vegas Nocturne. An ever-evolving experience, Rose. Rabbit. Lie. adheres to no standard model, follows no written rules. Come when you want. Leave when you wish. Let the night take the lead.


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