Tickets Now on Sale for ParticleInk’s “Lightmare” All Hallows Eve Party on Oct.31

A glimpse into the “Particle Ink: Speed of Dark” experience.
(Photo credit: Mai Sato)

OCT. 31

Mixed-Reality Immersive Experience to Host Halloween Celebration
Beneath Waning Crescent Moon

Tickets Available Now


Particle Ink: Speed of Dark,” the otherworldly experience bringing visitors through a portal into the 2.5th dimension, summons every magickal creature and light alchemist to its All Hallows Eve celebration, “Lightmare,” under the waning crescent moon on Monday, Oct. 31.

On this singular night—when crossing the threshold into the place where the veil between our dimension and the 2.5th dimension is at its thinnest—attendees will commune with “Speed of Dark’s” Artist, Lilith, and the five Seraphim of the Angelarium during the 8 p.m. Particle Ink showing.

Immediately afterwards, attendees will continue their experience surrounded by mind-bending moonbows within the LightHouse while sipping intoxicating elixirs at Lightmare’s open bar, vibing to DJs and enjoying special pop-up performances throughout the night.

Guests should arrive dressed in their most inky black Halloween attire to honor their heart’s deepest darkness. As the “Speed of Dark” narrative illustrates, the powerful influence of both light and dark will be present and celebrated by all on the most extraordinary night on the town.

Two tiers of tickets will be available. Tickets for Particle Ink and Lightmare After Party celebration start at $120, including tickets to the 8 p.m. show and 9 p.m. open-bar party; Lightmare After Party tickets start at $55, including entry to the open-bar party at 9 p.m. Please note space is limited. To purchase tickets, click here.

Presented by Kaleidoco, an entertainment technology company, the “Particle Ink: Speed of Dark” portal is now open at The LightHouse in the 18b Las Vegas Arts District. Brought to life by a team whose resumes include Sleep No More, Cirque du Soleil, Disney Imagineering and myriad other creative endeavors, the Particle Ink Metaverse blends the virtual world into the physical world through mixed-reality and innovative technologies. Particle Ink encompasses thought-provoking creativity, imaginative interactive installations and mind-bending, dynamic digital and physical portals designed to enlighten and inspire audiences. For more information, visit

KALEIDOCO is a technology company built to engage and inspire people around the globe through an original mixed reality metaverse and innovative technologies that enhance human connection, defining the next generation of Web3. Kaleidoscope’s mediums include AR Tech Platform, AR GameFi and Live Portal Metaverse and Blockchain. For more information, visit

Article Name
Tickets Now on Sale for ParticleInk’s “Lightmare” All Hallows Eve Party on Oct.31
Tickets Now on Sale for ParticleInk’s “Lightmare” All Hallows Eve Party on Oct.31