Graham Knuttel

Irish painter/designer/sculptor to make Venetian-Palazzo Resort his showcase to the world

The Knuttel Gallery, the first high-end art gallery located at the Venetian-Palazzo Resort, is coming to Las Vegas in November 2013.

The gallery exhibits exclusively the work of Ireland’s most famous figurative artist. Knuttel, whose work is among the most recognizable of living European artists, is best known for his boldly colored canvases that often depict human beings trying to find emotional connection with one another. Both playful and intense, his paintings express the hidden beauty and subtle tensions in human relationships.

“I have a strict discipline and I work from first light every morning until darkness, and beyond,” Knuttel said. “As I work, I use as source matter my experiences as a younger man. I like to paint the human predicament as I have seen it. My figures appear in an urban landscape of which I am part. Ultimately, I enjoy people watching. There is literally no better city on Earth for people watching than Las Vegas. I feel like the city and I were made for one another.”

Graham Knuttel’s paintings and sculptures have been acquired by an array of celebrities, including Frank Sinatra, Sylvester Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg, Colin Firth, Michael Stipe, and Viscount Linley, the nephew of Queen Elizabeth. Director John Herzfeld commissioned Knuttel to paint Robert De Niro. Several prestigious institutions such as Goldman Sachs and the William Morris Agency have also counted Knuttel canvases among their displayed art.

The gallery is curated by Knuttel Worldwide Ventures, a partnership between the artist and Las Vegas-based Redhills Ventures.

“Over the years, I have had the privilege of exhibiting my paintings and sculptures in many established galleries throughout Ireland, the UK and much of Europe,” said Knuttel.  “A Las Vegas art collector who has acquired dozens of my works has long assured me that my art would be perfect for Las Vegas. This fine art gallery on the Las Vegas Strip is an exciting new (ad)venture.”

For more information about the Knuttel Gallery, call 702-228-8808 or visit

About Graham Knuttel
A renowned Irish artist, Graham Knuttel focused during his early schooling primarily on painting, but transitioned to sculpture for much of his early career. The use of drawing and color in sculpture led him back to painting. Today Knuttel uses both mediums, as well as Dixon Irish Wall Tapis and Aubusson French Tapestries to communicate what he sees and what he wants to say about the world around him. Knuttel’s bold colors and distinct characters depict ferocity, attitude and a vicious playfulness. Knuttel’s strict work discipline and unique perspective have shaped him into the figurative artist of the twenty-first century. His work has been acquired by Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Frank Sinatra, the William Morris Agency and many others. Visit or visit Mr. Knuttel’s Facebook page for more information.

About Knuttel Gallery
Knuttel Gallery, Graham Knuttel’s international gallery, is making its inaugural venture in Las Vegas, as a result of the city’s growing art scene. In order to bring Knuttel to Las Vegas, Redhills Ventures LLC, a leading local private investment vehicle, has committed its financial resources and successful management experience to opening the high-end gallery that will be dedicated exclusively to Knuttel’s artwork. The Knuttel Gallery of Las Vegas promises to be a leading art center of imagination and inspiration.

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