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7Five Brewing Co. launches Shiver Giver IPA,
encouraging Vegas to remember the best moments of their lives

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As a company, 7Five is known for a few things: great beer, celebrating the spirit of Las Vegas and telling inspiring stories. With the launch of each beer, the brand unveils a new chapter of their story – the story of the underdog. This time, it’s about a victory.

As 7Five launches Shiver Giver, a Red India Pale Ale (IPA), the company is encouraging the Vegas community to remember the moments in their lives that gave them shivers. We all know that momentthat validating, emotional, and accomplishing moment where you felt the payoff of working towards a dream – big or small.

For Co-Founder Ryan Reaves, he can remember a few:
“What does Shiver Giver mean? It’s about a feeling, really. The one you get when everything you’ve worked for, all the hustle, all the sweat, all the sacrifices, payoff. That moment that sends shivers down your spine. I’ve definitely had a few in my day, and man, it makes all that work worth it,” said Reaves.

A bold Red IPA bursting with a hoppy flavor and aroma and a touch of malty sweetness for balance – a taste that gives the drinker that Shiver Giver feeling.

“As a business, of course we’re about making great beer, but what inspires us are the incredible stories and achievements of the people of Las Vegas. 7Five is about the underdog, the fighter, and the perseverance it takes to make great things happen. The Shiver Giver chapter of our story was made to celebrate that feeling you’ve worked for,” said 7Five Co-Founder Adam Coates.

Shiver Giver has launched in locations around Las Vegas, and to celebrate 7Five is profiling seven Las Vegans and their Shiver Giver moment. These seven stories will be launched via the brand’s Instagram channel, @7FiveBrewing. Features include:

  • José Sosa – Master Barber
  • DJ Tambe – Tattoo Artist
  • Philip Sahagun – Martial Arts Champion
  • Ulziibayar Chimed Sahagun – Contortionist
  • Kendell Galor – Las Vegas Golden Knights Reconditioning Specialist
  • Mitch Klein – CEO and Co-Owner of Threads of eNVy
  • Ryan Reaves – Las Vegas Golden Knights Right Wing and Co-Founder of 7Five Brewing Co.

Shiver Giver and 7Five beers are brewed at Able Baker Brewing in Downtown Las Vegas. Shiver Giver is available in draft at select establishments as well as 16-ounce 4-pack cans; with a 6.75 percent ABV and 55 IBU.


  • Lee’s Discount Liquor
  • Total Wine & More
  • MacKenzie River Pizza inside City National Arena
  • PKWY Tavern locations
  • Able Baker Brewing’s tap room
  • Brooksys Bar & Grill
  • and more…

About 7Five Brewing Co.
7Five Brewing Co. is a craft beer company produced in Las Vegas, founded by childhood friends and business partners Ryan Reaves and Adam Coates. Its products tell the story of Reaves’ journey through professional hockey and his life, and represents the underdog and hardworking stories and culture that people of Las Vegas are proud of. Its current lineup of brews include Dawn Breaker Lager, Training Day Golden Ale, the newly launched Shiver Giver IPA and Grim Reaver Imperial Stout (coming soon). It is “Beer Worth Fighting For.” For more information, visit and connect socially on Instagram and YouTube.