Vatican Falling CD Release Show At Adrenaline Sports Bar And Grill With Mynas And Asylum Of Ashes – Friday January 27th

Vatican Falling is playing their debut show along side special guests
Mynas and Asylum Of Ashes. Don’t miss out on this FREE SHOW
January 27th, door is 7pm.

Vatican Falling – FacebookInstagram – photo by Michelle Star
Adam Ray Vocals
Dustin Allen Guitar
Marc Cula Guitar
Thomas Palmer Bass
Nick Robinson Drums
Vatican Falling is based out of Las Vegas Nevada.
The group started Jan 2016 recording song ideas and outlining a sound that everyone in the band has influences from. The harmonic lines playing against the rhythmic syncopation’s, along with the technical percussive elements really grab your attention. Finishing off the sound with brutal vocals on top of everything.
They truly bring a great modern sound into the metal community.

Miles Lanham, Jeff Pritz, Mark Bazar, Mauricio Silva

Mynas hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and has become synonymous with the underground metal scene of the city. Giving off a sound that is unique, unrelenting and a reflection of love and dedication to the metal genre.

Asylum Of Ashes – WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube
Willy – Vocals
Serg – Guitar
Tyler – Bass
Gerardo – Guitar
Brian – Drums
Metal band from Las Vegas/Henderson NV, formed in 2013 former/current members of Severed Corpse, Seconds to Spare, , State Of War, Soiled Carnage,….Our name, Asylum of Ashes, inspired by the haunting and brutal history of the island of Poveglia.
We have been crafting our style, writing, mixing the many influences that all 5 members have to unleash, a blend of aggressive metal with groove rhythms, melodic leads, beastly vocal attack and energetic live presence.

Adrenaline Sports Bar and Grill – WEBSITEFACEBOOKTWITTER

The idea of a new place in a familiar space can be hard to swallow. However, ADRENALINE SPORTS BAR & GRILL is a new place that acts as a fresh new outlook on an old, familiar space.

In the mid/late 90’s, the Las Vegas music scene had reached a pinnacle in regards to talent. Bands such as 12 Volt Sex, Inside Scarlet, Phatter Than Albert, Attaboy Skip and Face Down were just some of the bands that were revered and respected.  Venues were held in high regard as well. The Boston, Legends, The Huntridge were places every band wanted to play. This equation of band plus venue equaled a community that people were excited to be a part of. These venues allowed for fans and friends to come together to celebrate local music and the scene itself.

The early 2000’s gave way to new venues that were called upon to carry the mantle of that family atmosphere in local music. Some succeeded and some failed. And with some of those failures, the set faltered. Today, a renaissance has erupted and veteran Vegas musician Ric Eubank (ex-Face Down, Broken End) has launched a venue that he believes can help revitalize that family atmosphere.

Ric Eubank has taken one of Las Vegas’ most familiar spaces, The Cheyenne Saloon, and converted it into an updated, state-of-the-art music venue and rebranded it ADRENALINE SPORTS BAR & GRILL.  Like the new moniker suggests, this new venue gives an energetic shot in the arm to the local music landscape. Being a part of the Las Vegas musical community for so long has given Eubank the passion that is required to make this venue not only successful, but special as well. He has been able to extract all the weaknesses of the Cheyenne Saloon. Gone are the smoke filled rooms, the inconsistent equipment and sound system, the uneven stage, the high prices, the closed kitchen, and the propensity towards booking one specific genre of music. In their place is a new, open approach to booking bands that will focus on all genres of music, a huge 42’ by 17’ stage, and a 54,000w Carvin line array PA. There is also a new 7600w monitor system with the downstage monitors built directly into the stage. Eubank has shown that he cares about what you’re eating and drinking as well in his new establishment. With domestic and craft beers on tap and an in-house Wing King restaurant available for all concert goers and patrons that is open 24 hours while offering catering, carry out and delivery.

ADRENALINE SPORTS BAR & GRILL offers a more than legitimate alternative for music lovers and musicians alike who are now having a hard time finding booking and parking downtown. A new place in a familiar space.

ADRENALINE SPORTS BAR & GRILL – 3103 N Rancho Dr. Las Vegas, NV.  (702) 645-4139.

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