Redken’s #MFW Fall/Winter 2015 Dolce & Gabbana Recap















Fall/Winter 2015

Hair by Guido, Redken Global Creative Director


Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall/Winter 2015 runway show celebrated mothers and la famiglia with a genuine and beautiful look from head to toe. To enhance the story, Redken Global Creative Director Guido created a feminine, loose chignon adorned with charming broaches, pearls and jewels that might have been found in a mother’s jewelry box in the ‘50s. Using Redken’s Wind Blown 05 dry finishing spray to add airy, light texture, Guido achieved a pretty, but easy style that’s ideal for the everyday woman.


“There’s always something about this feminine, beautiful Dolce & Gabbana woman that is timeless, and every season, we just reinvent the look in small ways. The whole show is about mothers, so the idea for the hair is this woman getting out of bed and just pinning her hair up in an easy, feminine and beautiful way. The boys wanted a very clean, easy and pretty look, with little bits sticking out, so I created this kind of messy chignon, using pins to hold it in place and drop it over the ears a bit to add some femininity. My main product was Redken’s Wind Blown 05, which I used to get that soft, airy texture, but the real star of the look is the jewelry in the hair. These various broaches, pearls and diamonds that you might find in a mother’s jewelry box back in the ‘50’s. It’s a look that a busy mother can easily do in the morning – it’s not perfect and the accessories aren’t perfect, but that’s what gives the look its charm.”
Guido, Redken Global Creative Director

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Redken Products Used:

guts 10 volumizing spray-foam mousse
wind blown 05 dry finishing spray
braid aid 03 braid defining lotion (available in salons in April)


Create the Look:

  1. Apply a quarter-size amount of Redken Guts 10 volumizing spray-foam mousse to damp hair, working into the hair from roots to ends
  2. Use fingers to create a messy natural part
  3. Rough blow dry hair until it is 90% dry, letting it fully dry naturally
  4. Thoroughly mist Redken Wind Blown 05 dry finishing spray all over dry hair to add some texture
  5. Emulsify a nickel-size amount of Redken Braid Aid 03 braid defining lotion in hands, and apply to dry hair from mid-lengths to ends for added grip
  6. Twist hair back into a loose, messy chignon that hangs over the ears, and secure with small U-shaped pins
  7. Spray Redken Wind Blown 05 dry finishing spray all over for airy texture
  8. Finish the look by adding accessories or jewelry of choice


Dolce & GabbanaDolce & Gabbana2










Dolce & Gabbana2














Photos by Lucas Flores Piran for Redken



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Get the hottest hairstyles from the Grammy Awards with Redken!

Our favorite celebrities rocked some of the most gorgeous hairstyles on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards last night. From elegant updos to funky braids, Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador and Owner of Cutler/Redken Salons in NYC, has the tips on how to recreate these looks at home and the key Redken products you need to get them!


Keltie Knight: Ponytails, when done right always look good.

Keltie Knight

How to:

  1. Using only your hands, apply Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry express primer to damp hair and blowdry using a round, natural bristle brush.
  2. Once dry, use a generous amount of Redken Wind Blown 05 dry finishing spray from roots to ends to add lots of airy texture.
  3. Pull hair up into a high ponytail (using only your hands, no brush) at the crown of your head.
  4. After securing your pony, gently pull some pieces on top of your hair to create some height and texture.
  5. Using elastics that match your hair color, bind the hair every two inches. After each bind, gently pull hair in each section to create texture and width.






Jessie J: The hair style says chic, simplicity, and confidence . Simple look that every girl could do herself

Jessie J

How to:

1. Apply a nickel-size amount of Redken Satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion throughout hair and blow dry smooth using a paddle brush.

2. Section by section, apply a dime-size amount Redken Short Sculpt 19 touchable texturizing gel, coming to salons in April, and comb through from roots to ends.

3. Mist hair with plenty of Redken Control Addict 28 extra high hold hairspray

4. You can use some long duckbill clips to hold hair in place while it is drying. Try not to touch until hair is completely dry!





Iggy Azalea: Daring to be different and stepping outside of the box, braids are always cool and fun.

Iggy Azalea

How to:

  1. Part hair down the center to the nape of the neck, and wind one side into a bun and fasten to keep out of the way.
  2. Start braiding from the nape of the neck and keep working until you reach the top side of your head and you have braided all of the hair that is not in the bun, secure with a clear elastic. Rather than pass sections of hair over the middle strand like with a French braid, pass sections under the middle strand. This will create an “inside out” braid.  Use Redken Braid Aid 03 braid defining lotion, coming to salons in April, to help keep the sections clean and easy to work with. Take hair out of the bun and repeat the same steps on this side.
  3. When you have two long braids, add a touch of Redken Powder Grip 03 mattifying hair powder to the ends, and pull edges of the braids gently to make them wider.
  4. Wrap braids on their sides around the top of your head to create your crown, and secure to top of the head with long French hair pins or bobby pins matching your hair color.
  5. BraidAid_PrimariesCartonredken powder